10 Finest Folding Treadmills for Small Areas in 2023: NordicTrack, WalkingPad, Amazon



Folding treadmills come in a range of sizes when in use and when stored. It’s important to know in advance how much space yours will take up, especially if you don’t have a lot of space available. « Be sure to measure your space and check the dimensions of the treadmill on the product listing », Sydney Eaton, a NASM-certified personal trainer and lead fitness instructor at Sunny Health & Fitness in California, tells SELF. « You’ll want to know both the dimensions of the treadmill when it’s fully set up and when it’s folded to make sure it’s a good fit for both spaces, » she explains. She adds that checking the weight of your treadmill of choice and seeing if it has wheels can give you an even better idea of ​​what it’s like to move it, so checking out something so simple and silly wheels can really improve your experience at home.

And then there’s the shape of your treadmill – you may need to set aside more space than you think, depending on how your machine folds up. “Very few modern treadmills fold completely – they will be more V-shaped when folded,” Garret Seacat, CSCS, Head Coach of Absolute Stamina in Manhattan, Kansas, says SELF.

weight capacity

Many foldable treadmills have rather low maximum weight limits compared to non-folding treadmills, so be sure to check that the treadmill can accommodate your weight. In general, treadmills usually have weight limits between 200 and 300 pounds.

Parameters added

The next key folding treadmill feature to look at is its incline capabilities. Some machines have manual incline, which means you will have to physically get off the treadmill and adjust the degree of incline, while others have automatic adjustments. Many folding treadmills for small spaces don’t offer a range of incline levels, but if you’re looking for a more challenging home workout, it may be worth spending more on this option.

Then there are other features to consider as well. “Some treadmills come with additional features that can make exercising more engaging, which may include live fitness classes through a mobile app or directly on your treadmill screen, leaderboards or a fitness community that can improve accountability and social engagement,” Dr. Penwall says. If these features are important to you, the extra cost will pay off later.

Price scale

Your budget will determine what you can buy. Keep in mind that when it comes to exercise equipment, you often get what you pay for, so it may be worth spending a little more up front. When buying a folding treadmill for a small space, heed Eaton’s advice: “Ultimately, choose the treadmill that’s right for you. There are tons of options, but keep your ideal space and workout experience in mind, and you have a recipe for success!

The best folding treadmills

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what to expect from a foldable treadmill – and which features might be most important for your individual goals – take a look at the top options from top brands and retailers like Amazon, NordicTrack, Horizon, and more, according to fitness experts.

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