10 Simple-to-Develop Greens For These Who Are New To Gardening.


But you are afraid of not having a green thumb. And you don’t know what to plant?

Don’t worry, there are plants that are super easy to grow.

We have chosen vegetables that are undemanding and produce a lot. Something to be really proud of your garden!

here is 10 very easy to grow vegetables for anyone new to gardening. Look :

1. Tomatoes

beautiful cluster tomato in the garden

If there’s one thing that’s easy to grow in the garden, even if you don’t know anything about it, it’s tomatoes. In addition, it is very rewarding, because one foot can give pounds of fruit! They can even grow in a pot or in a very small space. They only need 6 hours of full sun per day. Find out how here.

2. Melon

melon growing in the garden tricks

We love melons in the summer! But why not grow some in our garden? They need a place that is wide enough, very sunny and sheltered from the wind. Water them regularly and watch your little melons form. Find out how here.

3. Lettuce

grow salad easily in the garden

Another easy-to-grow plant is lettuce. It takes up little space and does not require special care. As soon as the leaves are large enough, the first lettuces can already be harvested. And it only takes a few days! You’ll love the taste of your salads, and you’ll never want to eat anything else. And you can even grow it in a pot. Find out how here.

4. Cucumbers

A cucumber that is harvested from the garden after growing easily

Cucumber is one of my favorite vegetables to grow. Why ? Because cucumber is a very easy plant to grow. It can be installed in the ground, but also in a pot if it is trellised or by climbing on a fence. Find out how here.

5. Green beans

climbing green beans

These green vegetables grow very easily and do not need a lot of space. Then choose a dwarf variety that will not need tutors like the « Crockett » bean. For other varieties, plan tutors or a wire fence, because beans love to climb and cling everywhere. Find out how here.

6. Zucchini

zucchini stalk with a large zucchini

It is the perfect vegetable for novice gardeners. Zucchini are prolific and easy to grow. The hardest part, really, is knowing what to do with the abundance of zucchini you’re going to have! Because once the foot gives, it’s time for 3 to 4 months of daily harvest. The most important thing to remember is that zucchini needs fairly abundant watering. Find out how here.

7. Potatoes

potato harvest

Sprouted potatoes in your closet? So, plant them in your garden about 10/15 cm deep. Water them initially, then forget about them. When the leaves wilt, that means you can harvest your home potatoes. A children’s game! Find out how here.

8. Beets

Beets in the hand that hang purple in color

Yum, good red beets from the garden! A true delight ! Particularly rich in vitamins and minerals, beetroot is one of the most nutritious vegetables in the vegetable garden. In addition, this vegetable with a fine sweet flavor is easy to grow and can be eaten all winter long if it is well preserved. Find out how here.

9. Peppers

Beautiful red peppers that grow easily in the vegetable garden

What a delight to eat a freshly picked pepper from the garden! In addition, the pepper is a very easy plant to grow in your vegetable garden, but also in pots, on the balcony or the terrace. Find out how here.

10. Carrots

carrot coming out of the ground

Growing carrots is very simple provided you have loose, sandy soil. Plant them in the spring when the season is still cool. Carrots hate having obstacles in their way when they grow, otherwise they’ll be stunted or oddly shaped. Once you taste these carrots, you’ll never want store-bought ones again! discover how to do it here.

Bonus: daffodils and tulips

clump of daffodil and tulip in spring

So yes they are not vegetables, but it is also good to grow beautiful flowers in your garden, isn’t it? For this, throw bulbs of daffodils and tulips in the ground in the fall…and let nature do its job. In spring, what a joy to see beautiful flowers coming out of the ground and brightening up my garden. Daffodil and tulip bulbs do not require any special care during the winter. Better, if they freeze, the flowers will be all the more beautiful.

Your turn…

Have you tried these simple tips for growing your vegetables? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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