10 golden guidelines for choosing the proper haircut


The haircut, a really important element not only for the maintenance of the hair, but also to bring out the beauty of the face. So it is necessary to find a haircut that will make you look stunning. However, it is not always easy to be able to choose the ideal haircut. Thus, we have tried to let you know the 10 golden rules that will allow you to choose the ideal haircut for you.

1. The choice of cut.

The first essential rule that gives meaning to the other rules is the choice of cut according to the shape of the face. The morphology of the face imposes the cut in a way. Indeed, depending on whether your face is rectangular, triangle, oval, square, round, diamond-shaped or even oblong, a good cut can rebalance all the proportions of the face and camouflage defects such as: a large forehead , a very pronounced jaw or even a pointed chin.

2. The choice of length.

Another rule would be to make the right choice of the length of the cut according to the texture and the nature of the hair. If you do not have thick or abundant hair, it will be better to avoid long haircuts.

3. The choice of the hairdresser.

It is important to choose your hairdresser carefully, this has a direct effect on the result of your haircut. It is therefore necessary to choose a person capable of successfully cutting without destroying your hair.

4. The choice of products.

You have to choose the products and tools with which you take care of your hair. This will allow you to keep your haircut as long as you want. Choose anything that won’t damage your scalp or hair.

5. Consider the trend.

In choosing the cut, we must not forget the trend of the moment. Even if we cannot rely on this alone, it is important to take it into account so as not to make an outdated cut.

6. The choice of color.

It is also important for a haircut to be able to make the right choice of hair color. The choice of shade depends on the base shade of the hair and the color of your skin, these two elements are essential for a successful shade and therefore a nice cut.

7. Avoid fantasies.

It’s also important to avoid unexplained lines in the hair and also fancy shapes that don’t match the look of your hair. Always make use of the shape of the face for the length and the actual shape of the haircut.

8. Consider age.

It should be taken into account that after a certain age structured cuts should be avoided, the graphic side of these types of cut will tend to harden the facial features. It is therefore necessary to favor cuts that have clean and soft lines such as rectangles, wavy squares or even aerial half-lengths.

9. Call in a specialist.

Above all, you need to get help from an expert in the field. From all that has been said, it is important to get help because it is not always easy to succeed in respecting all these rules alone. There are also applications or photo tutorials that really help you choose the right haircut. It’s not as bad to think about resorting to it.

10. Make the choice based on your own style.

As a last rule, we must not forget to make the choice according to the style. If you have to do an activity that requires you to have your hair tied back, you can for example opt for a short haircut as far as possible and vice versa.

Finally, we can remember that to choose the right haircut, it is important to respect the rules above. Although the list is not exhaustive, it includes the essentials of what to do to have an ideal haircut. It should be noted that the ideal haircut is this simple, but chic cut that gives us no constraint and that we can wear with pride. So if you opt for a good cut then you know what you have to do. Follow these golden rules.

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