10 coiffure concepts for darkish blonde hair


Do you have blonde hair and are you wondering what hairstyle would match? If so, you have clicked on the correct link. There are indeed lots of hairstyles that you can achieve with your hair. Of course, cuts look best when you have short hair. But when they are long or mid-length, the options are multiple. The variety of choices is all the more important, if your hair is dark blond. So, are you struggling to find the best hairstyle option? Well, we invite you to browse our collection which has something to give you ideas.

1/ Plunging over thin hair

For periods of heat waves, you can opt for a much less heavy hairstyle. This has plenty to impress you.

2/ Right square

Why not bet on this option for a much more stylish outing? Let yourself be tempted by this wonder!

3/ Sparkling hairstyle with fake curls

To make a remarkable exit during your next appointments, you no longer have to worry. We have found the hairstyle for you.

4/ Straight bun with loose hair

Give yourself much more freedom by opting for this special hairstyle. The youngest will be the most attractive with this option. It is therefore a choice not to be overlooked.

5/ Right square for pro

As a professional, you need a hairstyle that reflects your image. Do not hesitate to bet on this magnificent option.

6/ Shaded smooth hair

This is one of the most famous hair trends right now! Ombre hair is a wonderful idea that you can adopt for your dark blond hair.

7/ Layered tapered hairstyle

This is yet another option that can give you much more freedom in your movements. This is a layered hairstyle that allows your head to be lighter.

8/ Light mid-length hairstyle

To lighten your head, here is the hairstyle that suits you best. Very stylish, but also seductive. Consider taking a look!

9/ A dazzling idea

Lovers of simple hairstyles are the most concerned here. This hairstyle choice has a lot more to offer you in terms of seduction.

10/ Trimmed mid-length hair

How about this hair style? This is a perfect idea for winter and even for fall. Very elegant and full of charm.

What are the best hairstyles to adopt on dark blond hair?

As we have just let you know, there is no shortage of hair styles to adopt. On the contrary, you will find yourself in an embarrassment of choices. But, there are some that are much better known than others.

First, balayage remains one of the best options to go for. It is a perfect idea for people who have long hair. We recommend it more for people who have a straight face.

Also, mid-length cuts like plunging ones aren’t a bad idea either. You will be delighted with the result. They are suitable for people who want freedom of movement.

Finally, you could also bet on a ponytail, more precisely with the bohemian style. It is an ideal choice for fall, but also a wedding hairstyle.

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