10 Do-it-yourself Cough Treatments


Causing an unpleasant tingling and irritation in the throat, cough is a particularly troublesome disease. This disease creates discomfort that can easily ruin your daily life. To make it easier for you to get rid of your cough, here are 10 grandmother’s cough remedies.

1.Herbal teas

A hot herbal tea will relieve the pain caused by your irritated throat by giving you a moment of pleasure. For example, you can make an herbal tea based on thyme or lavender because these two plants have antiseptic properties. They will then allow you to soothe your throat quickly without additional pain.


It is known, ginger is very effective against dry and persistent coughs. Indeed, this plant has anti-inflammatory properties that accelerate the healing of your throat. So by drinking an infusion made up of a few pieces of ginger in hot water, you get rid of your cough.

3.Lemon with honey

Thanks to its vitamin C, lemon is an excellent stimulant for the immune system. This virtue combined with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey is particularly effective. So to get rid of your cough, drink the juice of 2 lemons with 2 tablespoons of honey.


Apart from its powerful and unique taste, cinnamon has many virtues for the body. Indeed, cinnamon is a perfect anti-inflammatory and antibacterial against cough.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Generally used as a mouthwash (gargle), apple cider vinegar is very effective against coughs. Be aware, however, that it is very acidic, so we recommend diluting it with hot water.

6. Essential oils

Inhaling essential oils cleanses the airways, which is quite effective against dry coughs. In addition, some essential oils such as peppermint have anesthetic properties that relieve pain. However, be aware that inhaling essential oils is not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly and children.


Despite its smell, the onion is excellent for health and very rich in anti-inflammatory. It will allow you to evacuate the mucus and eliminate the bacteria present in your throat. For more efficiency, we recommend that you consume the onion in the form of juice with a little garlic.

8. Chilli

This recipe is a little extreme but remains very effective against dry cough as wet cough. Indeed, the pepper will allow you to release all the mucus present in your throat by accelerating its healing.


Many don’t know it, but drinking water is very effective against coughs. This is possible because the water liquefies the mucus present in your throat which will relieve you. So do not hesitate to drink water when you have a sore throat.

10.Salt water

By performing mouthwashes with salt water several times a day you can relieve your sore throat. To do this, dissolve 2 teaspoons of salt in hot water and gargle with it.

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