10 selfmade dusting suggestions and a pure recipe


It is essential to dust your home at least twice a week to have a clean and pleasant home. Otherwise, dirt begins to accumulate.

Why do we need to dust off?

Dust is a collection of microscopic particles floating in the air. These settle on objects to form a layer of dirt. Although apparently these particles do not usually cause serious inconvenience, in some cases they can pose a problem for respiratory health.

For many years, the feather duster has been our great ally, but the truth is that instead of removing dust, it spreads it around the room. It is also common to use a clean cloth on dusty surfaces. However, to get a really effective result, we offer you several tips.

Home tips for cleaning dust

1. Dusting with white vinegar

To fight dust and disinfect at the same time, white vinegar is very effective. Not to mention its powerful natural antibacterial power: once applied, it manages to modify the environments that germs need to proliferate. Just dilute the white vinegar with water and it’s ready to use.

2. Baby wipes

Baby wipes are a great option when you don’t have wipes on hand or a place to moisten them. These baby wipes allow you to get rid of dust residue, especially those that get stuck on hard-to-reach surfaces like computer keys.

3. Baking soda

Just add a tablespoon of baking soda to hot water for a powerful eco-friendly cleaner that’s great for removing dirt, stains and bacteria. The trick is to apply the mixture to the surface to be cleaned, let it sit for a few minutes and finally remove the excess with a microfiber cloth. Easy and very efficient!

4. Cloth gloves

For delicate objects like chandeliers or lamps, fabric gloves are the best allies. The reason for their effectiveness is due to the fact that dust adheres more easily to the fabric, much more than using other materials such as a normal cleaning towel.

5. Brushes

An old makeup or paint brush is great for removing dust from corners or small spaces. The trick is to rub hard on the area you want to cleanse and that’s it. They are also great for cleaning cracks.

6. The cleaning power of socks

Tie old socks to a long stick to get rid of dust that collects under the refrigerator, wooden furniture, and the like. And for even more effective results, it is recommended to use a fabric sock.

7. A purifier

The use of purifiers has become widespread. These are devices that remove dust particles, pollen and bad odors, as well as animal hair and airborne chemicals.

8. Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs can also be used to clean corners and other small hard-to-reach places. It is enough to moisten them to remove dirt and grime very effectively.

9. Toothbrush

Use your old toothbrushes. They are very effective for dusting spaces such as windows, corners of furniture or keys, among others. They are also very useful for cleaning the interior edges of toilets. However, before using them, it is advisable to disinfect them with bleach to fight all germs.

10. Microfiber cloths

For TV and computer screens, microfiber cloths are arguably the best option due to the high amount of static electricity they emit. However, you should never apply the cleaning product (specific to screens) by spraying it directly on the screen, but first apply it to the cloth.

The combination of several organic ingredients can result in a great homemade furniture cleaner. A mixture that will allow you to remove the most stuck-on dirt without altering the natural color of the furniture because it does not contain aggressive chemicals. Guaranteed shine!


2 teaspoons of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of lemon essential oil

1/4 cup of white vinegar

3/4 cups of water

1 spray bottle of 0.454 liters


1 microfiber cloth

How to prepare the cleaning product

First you need to incorporate the olive oil in a bowl and mix it with the teaspoon of lemon essential oil.

Then it’s time to mix well with a spoon and add the white vinegar and the recommended amount of water.

Finally, once the homogeneous product is obtained, it is time to pour it into a spray bottle!


To start with, you need to spray a fair amount of cleaner on the furniture.

Then wait a few minutes for the mixture to work its magic.

Finally, wipe off the dust with a microfiber cloth.

Repeat the action if you notice that traces of dirt remain.

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