10 errors to keep away from to save lots of money and time.


In this article, I propose to talk about your dryer.

More specifically, of the 10 most common mistakes people make with this device.

Little blunders that not only cause you to lose timebut also money !

Eh yes ! Because if you didn’t know, it’s one of the most electricity-hungry appliances in the house.

Fortunately, if you learn to avoid these 10 mistakes, your dryer will be more efficient, more efficient.

Which means that in a short time, you can save a nice little bundle of money.

Whatever your dilemma, today I show you the solution.

Here are the 10 mistakes to avoid with a clothes dryer to save time and money ! Look :

What are the most common dryer problems?

Your dryer has been running for over an hour…

And yet when you take off your clothes they’re still all wet.

Another classic case: they are dry, but crumpled like raisins.

Or, the worst of the worst, the clothes that shrink drying! Grrr…

Do you recognize yourself in these problems? So here’s the sad truth:

The cause is most likely a mistake on your part, that is to say a user error!

Unknowingly, most people make a whole slew of blunders and blunders with their device.

Fortunately, all these errors have a solution, an antidote.

Come on, let’s see together what are the most common mistakes.

And above all, what are the most effective tips for avoiding small glitches with the dryer!

Mistake #1: You don’t use dryer balls!

How ? You don’t know yet?

Well, it’s high time to get started!

Because there is no doubt about it:

dryer balls, that changes everything in the « game » of drying.

It’s simply the pure magic.

And if in addition you get it in 100% wool, like these ?

So, there, it’s the « green way » trick par excellence to nibble euros on your electricity bill.

How it works ?

dryer balls separate the laundry and facilitate the heat circulation in the dryer drum.

In addition to that, they reduce wrinkles and static electricity on clothes.

And above all, it’s a more durable solution than these villains disposable drying veils Trade…

Result, a drying time at high speed.

And at the same time, you reduce your electricity consumption!

Why I use wool dryer balls

Yes, I know, dryer balls exist too in plastic version.

And many people replace them with old tennis balls.

In case of trouble, there is even a trick with aluminum foil rolled into balls…

So why do I advise you instead to use those wool ?

On the one hand, it’s greener than plastic and aluminum foil…

Most importantly, wool dryer balls are much quieter.

That’s right, they hardly make a sound in the dryer drum

And there is a little icing on the cake:

I can even add essential oils to the wool.

2 small drops are enough for soften and perfume laundry naturallywithout chemicals.

Mistake #2: You’re overfilling the dryer

Did you know that in the dryer, the fibers of the fabric swell under the effect of heat?

At the same time, it’s a bit what we ask him to do with this device!

Indeed, this is how we manage to have very soft and fluffy towels as we like them.

But… there is a backlash.

As it swells, the fabric takes up more and more space in the drum.

It exceeds the capacity of the dryer, which cannot operate optimally.

Here’s how to dry big, big loads:

– the risk to be avoided is the overload.

– therefore, I separate the laundry to be dried into 2 smaller quantities.

But be careful, you must also avoid doing « mini-loads »…

Mistake #3: You don’t fill it enough

Very often, we also see the opposite problem: the amount of detergent to be dried is too small.

Logically, we think that the dryer should be able to dry a reduced load more easily.

Well, not at all !

With a mini-laundry, the laundry items stick to each other in the drum.

Thus, for mini-detergents:

– the risk to avoid is that the linen remains stuck and takes longer to dry.

– so, I add 1 or 2 terry towelss in the drum to work around the problem.

The solution to finding the right amount of laundry

Do you see the dilemma?

Whether overload or underload:

In both cases, it increases the drying time.

And that wastes energy! So what is the solution ?

In fact, it’s not very rocket science.

Basically, here’s what I recommend:

This is to be very careful to the amount of laundry you put in the drum.

When you increase or decrease this amount, take a close look at the result.

And you will see, in a short time, it becomes an infused science!

At a glance, you know what the « ideal » amount is for fast and efficient drying.

Mistake #4: You’re not taking advantage of waste heat

Did you know that it is better to dry ALL your laundry in one day ?

It’s less energy intensive than doing several washes here and there, on different days of the week.

I’ll explain why:

If you dry several laundry items in a row, you use the residual heat inside the drum.

In fact, the device is already hot.

So instead of starting out cold, you get 100% of the heat from the previous charge.

Which means even faster drying!

It’s stupid, you just had to think about it.

Mistake n°5: you do not remove the laundry as soon as the program is finished

Are your clothes often wrinkled when you take them out of the dryer?

This is most likely because you are waiting too long before removing them from the device.

If you leave the laundry in the drum for too long at the end of the programme, the fabric wrinkles.

Or even worse:

He even risks to shrinkbecause of the residual heat I told you about above.

To avoid these unfortunate inconveniences, the solution is very easy:

Take out all your laundry at the end of the drying cycle.

And if you don’t have time to fold it right away?

To avoid ending up with wrinkles and wrinkled clothes, give them a quick shake.

After, lay them flat until you’re ready to fold everything right!

Mistake #6: You’re running the dryer too long

Do you use a hair dryer?

So, as you know, over time, too much heat damages the hair fiber.

And it makes hair thin and brittle.

This is exactly the same principle with your dryer.

If the program is too long, it creates excessive heat conditions in the drum.

As a result, it damages the fibers of the fabric and causes all kinds irreversible damage.

Among other things, too much heat can cause your laundry to yellow, wrinkle and shrink.

Or the worst of the worst: the fabric risks losing its elasticity and becoming very rough.

Better to underestimate the drying time

The solution ?

Just a little moderation.

Take it easy when setting the program duration.

Better underestimate drying time than the reverse.

This way, at the end of the programme, you can easily check if your laundry is really dry.

On the other hand, it is impossible to reverse the damage caused by overdrying!

Mistake #7: You forget to clean the residue filter

I’ll give you of them good reasons to regularly clean the residue filter of your dryer.

The first is to avoid setting fire to the house!

If the filter is too full of fluff and residue, it will clog.

As a result, the hot air no longer circulates, the appliance therefore risks overheating and cause a fire.

The second reason is to save you money.

As lint and residue build up in the filter, your device will lose performance.

This lengthens the drying cycles and your dryer consumes more and more energy.

To reduce your electric bill (and avoid a fire), clean the dryer filter before or after each use !

Mistake n°8: you do not clean the joints and walls of the device

Manufacturers and experts advise to do a complete cleaning of the dryer 1 time per month.

Among other things, consider:

– clean the residue filter thoroughly, this time with soapy water.

– wipe the walls of the appliance and the rubber seals with a sponge.

– vacuum under and behind the appliance.

And believe me, these cleanings are not to be taken lightly.

By keeping it clean, a dryer remains efficient, and this increases its lifespan.

And honestly, no one wants to dry their clean clothes in a cracra machine, right?

Mistake #9: You’re using the wrong program

Another classic mistake:

The vast majority of people only use one or two of their dryer programs.

Most of the time, it’s simply because they don’t understand what other programs are doing.

If you don’t know all the options for your device, I have a scoop for you:

That means you’re missing out on some very, very useful features!

To get the most out of your dryer, take the time to read the manual.

I know, it’s not a compelling read…

But choosing the most suitable program can save you time and money!

Maybe you threw it away?

No problem, you can easily find the user manual on the manufacturer’s website.

Mistake #10: You open the door too often

Many people can’t resist opening the dryer door in the middle of a programme.

Why ?

I imagine they probably do it to check if the laundry is already dry.

For more efficient drying, avoid opening the door before the end of the programme.

The idea is to keep all the hot air inside the device.

If, conversely, you open the door, it’s back to square one.

All the heat is lost, which lengthens the drying time.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips to make your dryer more efficient? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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