10 the explanation why you’re drained on a regular basis (+ options)


Getting a good night’s restful sleep is essential for good health every day. Problem: About a third of adolescents, adults and older people say they are tired and suffer from drowsiness. And if certain diseases can be at the origin of this fatigue, it is in reality very often explained by our lifestyles not always in adequacy with the possibility of sleeping well. The good news is that these are factors that you can easily work on to overcome that strong feeling of fatigue. Find out some possible causes for which you are tired and some simple solutions to fix the problem. You will be able to sink into the arms of Morpheus with the assurance of finally being rested.

Sometimes fatigue can be linked to illnesses (diabetes, fibromyalgia, deficiencies, etc.), overweight or even depression. Also, consulting a doctor is more than advisable. This advice therefore does not replace the expertise of a healthcare professional.

1) You are sleeping, but you are not getting quality sleep

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Even if you stay in bed for the recommended seven hours per night, getting enough sleep is not necessarily enough. If you don’t feel alert and energized in the morning, it may be because you are not having a full night without interruptions, which allows the brain to go through the five phases of a normal sleep cycle. It is therefore crucial to overcome sleep disorders that prevent you from getting a full night’s sleep, whether because of sleep apnea, insomnia, night-time awakenings or even snoring, for example.

To help you sleep better, also remember to keep a consistent sleep rhythm and routine. To do this, lie down always at the same time even on weekends after a calming ritual (reading, meditation, etc.), exercise regularly (never in the hours before bedtime) and avoid naps which provide relief at the time, but put you off.

2) you have a too sedentary lifestyle

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Hard to believe thatbeing inactive can be so tiring. Additionally, some people sometimes feel like they are too tired to exercise. This could be explained by the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or encephalomyelitis) which is manifested by extreme fatigue over the long term, headaches, low resistance and endurance under exertion and muscle pain. However, whether you suffer from this condition or not, many studies have already shown that doing even a minimum of exercise reduces fatigue in healthy people as well as in cancer patients or sufferers. of SFC.

Then, adopt behaviors that are more active than sedentary as soon as possible. Stand instead of sitting, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of taking the car for short trips, etc. Also, practice regular physical activity, at least walking!

3) you eat too many bad carbs

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Carbohydrates are often thought of as a quick source of energy, which is not entirely wrong. However, refined carbohydrates are present in excess in our daily diet. In the end, sugar and refined carbohydrates will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar which will fall again just as quickly, leaving us on our knees. And unfortunately, the urge to consume bad carbohydrates again to regain energy leads to an unstoppable vicious cycle. These peaks followed by drastic drops in blood sugar levels are then very exhausting for the body.

To regain energy and maintain constant sugar levels, opt instead for fruits and vegetables as well as foods rich in whole or semi-complete grains all rich in dietary fiber.

4) Food allergies that tire the body

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Very often, food intolerances or sensitivities to certain foods are associated with symptoms such as headaches, skin rashes, a runny or blocked nose or digestive disorders. However, the fatigue can also be a clue some sensitivity to gluten, dairy or soy. If you think that this may concern you, it is better to consult to get tested and possibly certify that you have real food intolerance.

5) poor hydration can leave you tired

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We know that staying hydrated is important for health, but we can not always imagine the reasons. Here, know at least that hydration is one of the levers for having good energy on a daily basis. We tend to lose a large amount of fluid with our urine, stools, sweats and our breathing. And if this lost water is not replaced with good hydration, this results in physical manifestations such as being very tired. Numerous studies have indeed shown that even slight dehydration could reduce our energy levels and concentration. Hydration can also make all the difference when it comes to exercising to keep the strength to finish a session.

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