10 Delicate Factors To Therapeutic massage On The Toes (To Relieve Ache).


Today, I show you which are the sensitive points of the feet to be massaged to make disappear the pains of the daily newspaper.

Because you might not know it, but our feet have hundreds of nerve endings connected all the way to the brain.

Therefore, knowing how to massage this region of the body is knowing how to soothe our body!

And you don’t need to be a professional in foot reflexology for that.

If you know the sensitive points to stimulate, a self-massage is more than enough.

Find out how to relieve everyday pain by massaging 10 sensitive points on the feet. Look :

What exactly is foot reflexology?

Plantar reflexology to relieve everyday ailments

Reflexology is an alternative medicine that uses your feet to relieve multiple ailments.

Yep, it might sound amazing, but your feet are like a miniature representation of the body.

Know that the nervous systems of the foot are connected to different organs of our body and even to the brain.

So by working these vital points, you release and harmonize the energies.

So of course, this medicine cannot cure everything.

But its ability to soothe certain ailments is scientifically proven!

It improves blood circulation to the kidneys and intestines.

It has a relaxing effect, reducing blood pressure and reducing nervousness.

It reduces pain related to HIV or diabetes, chest pain, kidney stones or even osteoarthritis.

Reflexology also improves sleep and even libido!

So ready to introduce foot massage into your daily life?

Let’s look at precisely how we do it.

1. Against insomnia

Massage on the toe to fight against insomnia

In case of insomnia, it is the massage of the toes that allows you to sleep better.

Finally when I say toe, I’m talking specifically about the big toe without forgetting the area just below.

Massage this area by practicing small circular movements without forgetting to press a little hard.

This technique releases melatonin.

You know what it is ? Neither more nor less than the famous sleep hormone!

2. Against digestion problems

Massage the heel to fight digestion problems

Massage the bottom of the foot allows you to relieve bloating and digestion problems.

Indeed, this part of the foot is associated with the small intestine and the stomach.

You have to massage the area between the arch of the foot and the heel.

A few circular movements with the thumb and back and forth up and down work wonders.

Digestion is easier and you feel better.

3. Against stress

Massage in the middle of the foot to combat stress

Do you feel your solar plexus (area between the breastbone and the navel) completely tied up?

This is a sign of significant stress!

Indeed, it is in this area of ​​the body that accumulate emotional problems according to traditional Indian medicine.

To free you from all this, there is a neuralgic point under the arch of the foot that releases these tensions.

Get into a tailored position and massage precisely this point every evening or morning.

Press well on the area by drawing waves at least 3 times in a row.

4. Against headache

Massage the toes against the headache

Headaches or migraines cannot be cured only with Doliprane.

You should know that it is at the top of the toes are the nerves connected to the head.

So massage the upper part of each toe well in turn by pressing well on it.

It works directly on your brain and relieves this terrible ailment.

I advise you to use peppermint, because it is very effective in dealing with this type of problem.

5. Against back pain

Massage on the side of the feet against back pain

Do you suffer from chronic back pain or just made the wrong move?

Well, we can relieve this pain by activating certain areas of the foot.

Do you want to know which ones and how to do it?

Well it’s enough to rub the internal edges of the 2 feet by making circular pressures.

Pay particular attention to the area between the hollow of the foot and the big toe.

When you manage to relax this part of the foot, then you also relax the spine.

6. Against heavy legs and sore arms

Massage on the outside of the feet for heavy legs and arms

Our legs support our weight daily while our arms can carry heavy loads.

As a result, these limbs may be sore from fatigue.

To relieve them, we can massage them directly or especially massage the outer edges of the feet.

The upper part relieves the arms while the lower part relieves the legs.

7. Against fatigue

Massage in the middle of the arch of the foot against fatigue

Are you feeling sluggish and very tired?

Give your body a boost by massaging a specific point under each arch of the foot.

This point allows stimulate the adrenal gland which gives you energy.

8. Against liver pain

Massage the outer part of the arch with your fist for liver pain

For this tip, it’s best to find someone who helps you massage the foot.

This person should squeeze the outer part of the arch of the foot with their fist.

Attention, to relieve the liver, she must do it only on the right foot!

This is the side where this organ is located.

This little massage relieves the liver by eliminating toxins while working on the gallbladder.

9. Against the blues

Massage under the toes to fight depression

Have you had a little seasonal depression for some time?

Do not worry ; foot massages allow you to gain the upper hand.

After your shower (morning and / or evening), sit down quietly and put the right foot on the left knee.

Massage with your thumbs, pressing hard enough, the area below the 4 little toes.

Do this for 5-10 minutes breathing well.

10. Against mood swings

Massage under the big toes against mood swings

Right now, it’s not the time to talk to you …

You get angry over nothing and everything gets on your nerves. We even tell you very sensitive!

To soothe this irritable state, nothing better than a little massage on the point connected to the thyroid gland.

Gently massage at the fold of the big toe.

Do not hesitate to do it several times a day to relax.

How to do a good foot massage?

Foot massages with oil that relieves everyday ailments

As I told you, you don’t need to be a reflexology pro to do a good foot massage.

On the other hand, there are some important concepts to respect before and during the massage.

Already, before massaging each of the feet, soak them in hot water for 5 minutes.

You can add lemon, citrus or orange slices if you wish.

Also add 1 tablespoon of sea salt so that your feet are totally relaxed.

Once done, dry them with a towel, patting the soles of the feet.

They are then ready to be worked.

Before the massage, take a small amount of oil or lotion on your hands.

This helps decrease roughness during friction.

Choose an oil made from natural ingredients that soften the skin.

Ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil or tea tree oil Where eucalyptus are perfect.

Before doing the massage, also warm the ankle well.

Stretch it by doing back and forth movements and twist there also 2 times in each direction.

Then relax the arch of each foot by passing your hands over the feet as if to flatten them.

At this point, stretch all the toes.

Once these preliminary steps have been carried out, start massaging the whole foot like this.

First, press down with your fingers in slow circular motions.

Massage the base of the heel then gradually move up towards the pads.

It’s time to tackle one of the tender points of the foot to stimulate the organ that is causing the problem.

Gently but firmly palpate the sensitive point with your thumb and forefinger.

Press for a few seconds on the painful parts then release the pressure.

By doing so, you relax the massaged part while increasing energy circulation.

After 3-4 minutes of massage, finish by vigorously massaging the entire foot from the heel to the toes.

You just have to switch to the other foot and repeat these same steps.

What are the points on the feet corresponding to the organs?

In reflexology, each part of the arch of the foot corresponds to an organ.

To find out where each organ is located under your foot, here’s a handy infographic.

Test these acupressure points for pain relief from a particular organ, see:

Infographic with the reflexology points under the feet with the different organs

Are there any contraindications?

Reflexology is not recommended in some cases:

– If you suffer from inflammation or trauma to the foot

– If you have had recent heart problems or circulatory problems (phlebitis …)

– If you are pregnant

Remember also that reflexology is not intended to replace medical treatment.

It is an effective supplement and accessible to all.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Your turn…

Have you tried these massage points under the feet to soothe everyday pains? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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