10 indicators a deceased cherished one is close by


10 signs a deceased loved one is nearby

31.03.2023 12:21

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Life is made up of several stages, joyful and happy moments like the birth of a baby in the family and sad moments like illness or bereavement. This delicate stage that is mourning is a difficult period to overcome, we tend to tell ourselves that this person will come back, will call, that we will still be able to hug them and listen to their voice. It’s only over time that we manage to grieve, although life sometimes sends you exceptional signs that show that this person you miss so much is not far away. Here’s how to recognize them.

When you lose someone who is dear, over time, you end up accepting their disappearance and you only keep the precious memories and the good times lived together in the bottom of your heart. But sometimes you miss that person so much that you would give anything to see them one last time. What if they were actually right next to it?

Here are the 10 signs that show that a deceased loved one is by your side:

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During sleep, subconscious minds are open to the world beyond and tend to communicate through dreams. These dreams can be so realistic that you may feel that the deceased person is trying to communicate with you. If you often dream of a dead loved one, try to understand the message he is giving you.


Perfumes and smells can remind us of a deceased person. It could be the smell of her favorite food, the smell of morning dew, a perfume she used, or the scents of her favorite flowers.

3.Missing Items

Sometimes it might feel like your items are disappearing or scattered only to be found somewhere else in the house. It could be the spirit of the deceased person moving these objects. Sometimes, it may even happen that the favorite things of deceased loved ones disappear like their jewelry or any other item they used while alive.

4.The songs

While on a trip, in your car or elsewhere, you happen to listen to a song on the radio with lyrics that convey a specific message. It could again be the spirit of your deceased loved one trying to communicate with you.

5. Thoughts

Sometimes thoughts cross your mind in a very specific context, such as to wake you up or make you aware of certain things. For example, while listening to music, you might feel the urge to drive faster and there, a thought appears to encourage you to slow down your driving.

6. Unexpected gifts

In life, you sometimes receive unexpected gifts that make you happy and warm your heart during your moments of loneliness, sadness or depression, such as a call from a friend or relative, a unexpected visit, a surprise, etc.

7.Meet the right people at the right time

Sometimes you meet when you least expect it. For example, if you are going through a difficult period in your life or you are depressed, the spirit of your deceased loved one tries to comfort you by sending you a person on your way. This unexpected meeting will be like a ray of sunshine that will illuminate your life.

8. Signs during burial and funerals

According to some beliefs, deceased beings attend their own funerals after death and comfort their family and friends through signs that they try to convey to them from where they are. It can be a touch on the shoulder, a caress on the cheek, a breath in the hair…

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9. Pets

Animals tend to feel anything supernatural. If you see your dog wagging its tail for no reason, it may be a sign that the spirit of the deceased loved one has come into contact with it by petting it. Also, when your cat meows or purrs suddenly, it means that he too has had the right to contact with the beyond.

10. The search for old habits

Deceased people also try to keep their habits, for example, if your grandfather had trouble keeping the lights on, his mind will try to turn them off. He tries to replicate what he was doing before.

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