10 indicators that he’s a narcissistic pervert


A narcissistic pervert exhibits a wide range of symptoms, including a lack of empathy and a tendency to manipulate others. It is safe to say that these are some of the usual traits of a narcissistic pervert.

Narcissism is, in reality, a personality disease resulting in a lack of empathy and egocentricity. the reasons for such disease, can find their roots in problems and childhood and family trauma. The profile of the narcissistic pervert will be discussed in depth in this article, which will cover a wide range of characteristics and signs, including how a narcissist behaves.

“Behind each narcissistic pervert hides a seducer and one traitor. ”

Patrick louis richard

What is the profile of narcissistic perverts ?

Narcissistic perverts are asocial and aggressive in nature, plus a manipulative personality. There are many distinct varieties of narcissism.

For the most part, people who identify as narcissists tend to be egocentric individuals who want to be constantly admired and show little empathy for others. Despite their increased egocentricity, these people have low self-esteem and, consequently, they feel the need to be the center of attention and to constantly denigrate those around them, a true vicious cycle.

The 10 telltale signs of a narcissistic sexual predator:

Narcissistic perverts can be hard to spot because they seem to be successful, attractive and charming, and it is not always easy to identify them. It takes a while to realize that under this facade hides an insecure and unstable person who uses manipulation and hostility to dominate and control people.

The narcissistic pervert’s signs, traits and expressions can serve as a warning to those who identify them. These are often situations in which they are accused of manipulating and concealing their own behavior. in order to blame someone else.

Sign # 1: One seductive charisma

Narcissism being a form of self-love, and seduction, a form of love aimed at entering the hearts of others, are two notions that seem antithetical. However, these two notions are closely linked in the psychology of the “me”.

Narcissistic perverts, with their neat appearance, their pleasant voice and ability to look someone in the eye eagerly, are well known to many people.

The narcissistic pervert “bad guy” introduces himself to others in this case with an attractive personality, attractive, compassionate and self-confident, in order to achieve her goals. Because of this, he can sometimes appear as the ideal companion due to its cultural, social and economic status.

Narcissistic perverts use seduction as the main tactic. On the other hand, they do not flirt to get closer to women or because they are in love with them… Not at all!

For women victim of a narcissistic pervert, what was once a source of light quickly turns into a parasite that takes away their self-esteem and the maturity of their subjectivity day after day.

Sign # 2: One feeling of superiority increased

They often overestimate their abilities and be conceited. They think they are special and superior, and that they should be satisfied with whatever they want or need.

Also, most narcissistic perverts spend a lot of time flirting focusing on their own achievements rather than the other person.

“The narcissistic structure has an irreducible character.”

Jacques Lacan

Corn there is unfortunately more than that. Unsympathetic behavior adds to this feeling of superiority, making that person antisocial while exhibiting paranoid behaviors.

Sign # 3: He feels almost invisible without the attention and admiration of others

Being the center of admiration is like oxygen for a narcissistic pervert : It prevents him from feeling alone or ashamed. The more attention he receives, the more satisfied he is. Any attention given to him is enough to give him a brief breath of fresh air. which is quickly recycled to protect his fragile ego.

People who are narcissistic perverts want to be respected, loved unconditionally, even revered, but they give nothing in return. When they do, it is only to keep the other person close to them the better to devour them afterwards.

Like an addict, he will never stop seeking to feed on the attention given to him. In fact, if at some point he finds someone who can give him more emotional satisfaction, he will change partners without a problem.

Whenever the narcissistic pervert doesn’t get what he wants from his prey, he goes into a kind of depression and turns to another addiction like alcohol and drugs.

He feels empty and out of place when he doesn’t have the attention and admiration he needs. Thus, when her partner no longer gives her enough attention, she is considered, by the narcissistic pervert, as a broken object that is no longer useful to him.

Sign # 3: He criticizes too much… too much

It’s easy to tell if the person you’re dealing with is a pervert-narcissist. if you feel like you’re being suffocated by all the negative things she says, like innuendos, sarcasm, and criticisms that make you feel bad. Nevertheless, they do not accept any criticism. For them, it is better to criticize and accuse rather than confronting the other person in an adult, mature way.

“Narcissistic Perversion is the ‘I’ that kills the ‘you’ so that the ‘we’ never exists.”

Patrick louis richard

The narcissistic pervert likes to make people feel bad about themselves by constantly criticizing them and pointing out their flaws. That way, he can stay in control and dominate the other person. Insecure women are the favorite victims of narcissistic perverts, but they will try to exert their power over all kinds of people they can get their hands on.

Sign # 5: He always prefers emotionally vulnerable women

In nature, there are two types of predators : Animals and narcissistic perverts. The former predate to eat, and the latter are social predators, true soul reapers.

Vulnerable and fragile women whose behavior reflects emotional wear and tear are for narcissistic perverts what blood is to sharks. It’s simple, for them, these women are the prey of predilection because they are easier to reach, and therefore to handle.

If you feel that your behavior reflects a hurt from your emotional past, beware that your partner – or the man who keeps pushing you forward – is using this lever to manipulate you for his selfish ends.

Sign # 6: A real one master singer

His blackmail is subtle and sometimes undetectable, but in the long run, you feel like you’re in a relationship that doesn’t allow you to make your own decisions, because each gesture is judged and weighed to its advantage.

The goal for the narcissistic pervert is to use emotional and emotional blackmail to get their partner to act in their own best interest without qualms.

If you love me, you have to do it. ” ~ A narcissistic pervert

Sign # 7: He is very intrusive

The narcissistic pervert tends to put himself in the other’s shoes and play with his decisions regardless of his point of view.

He makes a considerable effort to show his victims that he is totally in the grip of their charm.. He posts all the time, and all of his Facebook posts are filled with romantic messages anyone can read.

He begins to take little by little all the important place in the life of his victim, until she couldn’t even imagine being happy without him.

Sign # 8: He creates perfect identity to please his victim

Narcissistic perverts don’t know who they are because they have no identity. As a result they pretend to be someone else so they can be whatever their prey wants in a man or woman in a relationship. This is howhe can be anything his prey desires in a mate.

Narcissistic perverts start by observing their victims for a short time. At this point, the narcissistic pervert is just listening to the victim telling him about his own desires and hopes, then he makes a copy of everything the victim told him.

Then, he begins to study his victim in order to adapt to her and his needs., in other words, he will produce the perfect image to become Prince Charming for the woman he has targeted.

The narcissist uses this false connection to build trust and make the victim believe that they are immediately soul mates.

Sign # 9: He cultivates the addiction at his partner

It’s hard to end a relationship with a narcissistic pervert for a variety of reasons, most of which are linked to the dynamic of dependence that has developed in the relationship.

The goal of the narcissistic pervert is always to keep the victim in a state of discomfort and anxiety, which inevitably leads to addiction.

The induced dependence encompasses both emotional dependence and material dependence, both aiming toweaken and undermine the autonomy of his partner by pointing out its faults and faults.

Sign # 10: Victimize yourself is in his “DNA”

At first, he might tell you about his difficult past. Then, he will gradually introduce his own victimization in the relationship. The latter will act as a scarecrow and serve as an escape whenever there is a problem to face.

In other words, it will never be his fault, but yours. If you try to bring attention back to the original problem, the narcissistic pervert will run away to avoid the conversation.

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