10 super-simple ideas for cleansing a material couch


Fabric sofas are very beautiful but can easily become real instruments of torture. Indeed, when these sofas get dirty, they are extremely difficult to clean. With fabric armchairs, the slightest stain can require hours of brushing. In addition They are known to retain bad odors which does not help.

To avoid all these inconveniences, many people take their sofa cover to the dry cleaners, which is quite expensive. However, what these people do not know is that there are many tips for cleaning fabric sofas. Among these tips we have selected the simplest in order to present them to you in this article. Discover 10 super-simple tips for cleaning a fabric sofa.

With these tips you can clean and restore color original to your fabric sofas. In addition, these tips are simple to perform and only require everyday products that are easy to find. You can therefore make serious savings by applying them.

1- Black soap

Considered by many to be a miracle soap, black soap makes it easier to get rid of stains. Both natural and multi-use, black soap allows you to take care of the whole house.

To perform this trick, you must start by diluting black knowledge in water. Then with a brush soaked in the mixture, rub the stain you want to get rid of. After a few seconds, you should see the stain disappear. You will then only have to remove the excess soap with a cloth soaked in clean water.

2- Use Marseille soap

Like black soap, Marseille soap is a perfect product to maintain the whole house. It will allow you to deep clean your sofas and rid them of all their stains. In addition, by using it, you can rid your sofas of all their bad smells.

To clean your sofas with Marseille soap, start by diluting it in hot water. Then dip a brush in the water containing the Marseille soap and rub your sofa with this brush. Once all the stains are gone, rinse the area you cleaned by rubbing it with another washcloth soaked in clean water.

3- Soda crystals

Both simple and effective, this trick allows you to clean your fabric sofas in no time. Plus all you need to make it is some baking soda and water.

However, to perform this trick, you must be very carrefully because soda crystals are corrosive. They can therefore damage your skin, always make sure to wear gloves when handling them.

Once you have everything you need to perform this trick, start by wearing your gloves. Then pour a handful of soda crystals into 1 liter of water and stir until the crystals are completely dissolved.

Then take a brush and dip it in the mixture of water and soda crystals. Then take this same brush and rub the stains on your fabric sofa with it. Finally, rinse the cleaned sofa area with a cotton cloth dampened with water.

This trick is very effective, however it is dangerous for brightly colored sofas. This because she may discolor them. So if you want to use it on a brightly colored sofa, test your mixture on a corner of the sofa first. This will allow you to know if the latter will not tarnish the color of your sofa.

4- Baking soda

If you are a fan of dry cleaning, then this tip is for you. It will allow you to clean your sofas and get rid of their bad odors without getting them too wet. In addition, it does not require any effort.

To perform this trick, sprinkle a little baking soda on the stain and wait for it to take effect. You must wait at less than an hour so that the baking soda has time to vacuum the stain well. Once this time has passed, all you have to do is wipe the area with a cloth soaked in clean water.

5- Shaving foam

Hard to believe, but shaving foam is also very effective for cleaning fabric sofas. This grandmother’s trick has already proven its effectiveness on many occasions. in addition she is fast and only requires shaving foam to be able to perform.

For cleaning with shaving foam, start by spraying some shaving foam on the fabric of your couch. Then let the foam act for a few hours before rubbing the area with a damp cloth. Finally, dry the sofa with a dry cloth.

6- The land of sommières

This trick is perfect for grease stains. It allows you to rid your fabric sofas of their grease stains while restoring their original color. In addition, this grandmother’s trick also allows you to rid your sofas of bad smells.

To use earth from sommière to clean your sofas, you just need to take a little and sprinkle it on the sofa. Then after putting on a rubber glove, massage the area so that the earth penetrates the fabric. Then let the soil dry for a few hours. Finally, vacuum everything with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth.

7- Talc

Talc is also very effective for cleaning fabric sofas. By using talc to clean your fabric sofas, you can more easily get rid of grease stains. In addition, this method is one of the simplest available for cleaning fabric sofas.

To clean fabric sofas with talc, start by pouring a little talc on your sofa. Then press on the area where you poured the talc so that it penetrates the fabric well. Once the talc has penetrated the fabric, you must let it act for a few hours. The best would be to perform this trick at night to let the talc act all night.

During these few hours, the talc will suck up all the dirt and odors present on your sofa. Once he’s done sucking them up, all you have to do is vacuum up the talc with your handheld vacuum.

8- Flour

Apart from being useful in the kitchen, flour is also an excellent cleaning product. It is perfect for removing wine stains from any fabric. However, be aware that it only works on wine stains that are still damp.

To achieve this trick, the method is the same as with talc. You must start by sprinkling a little flour on the stain to be cleaned. Then press the flour on the area to be cleaned so that it penetrates the fabric. You just have to wait a few hours for the flour to take effect before sucking it up. You will see the stains magically disappear.

9- White wine

The effectiveness of white wine when it comes to cleaning fabrics is no longer to be proven. This simple and effective trick allows you to get rid of all kinds of fresh stains on your fabrics.

In addition, it is very simple to make. To do this, simply pour a little white wine on the stain to be cleaned. Then you just have to wait a few hours for the wine to take effect. To finish, once the wine has taken effect, all you have to do is wipe the area with a slightly damp cloth.

NB: To make this trick more effective, you can mix wine with baking soda. With this, you will have a much faster effect and you have the assurance that no matter what type of stain it will disappear.

10- Toothpaste

Everyone knows how stubborn and hard to remove ink stains are. But what many don’t know is that toothpaste is the perfect product for this kind of stain. By using toothpaste you can remove ink stains from your fabrics without any effort.

Be aware, however, that toothpaste is not compatible with all types of fabrics. We therefore recommend that you first test toothpaste cleaning on a hidden area of ​​your sofa. This way, you will know if the toothpaste is compatible with the type of fabrics of your sofas.

If your sofa does not lose its color, then you can use this trick. To do this, spread toothpaste on the ink stain to be cleaned. Then wait for the toothpaste to dry before scraping it off to remove the stain. Once you remove all the toothpaste, the stain will be completely gone.

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