10 super-simple ideas for cleansing a mattress


During use, mattresses always accumulate all kinds of stains. Whether it’s blood, coffee or food stains, they all need to be cleaned. This is simply because if you don’t, you are exposing yourself to all kinds of diseases.

When talking about mattress cleaning, many think directly of specialty products or a mattress cleaning company. Either way, these methods involve a large amount of money. However, what these people do not know is that it is possible to clean your mattress without using it.

Indeed, there are many simple tips that allow you to rid your mattress of all traces of dirt. If you have any doubts, read this article and discover 10 super-simple tips for cleaning a mattress.

As we said above, there are many easy-to-do tricks you can use to clean your mattress. However, these tips are so numerous that we cannot present them all to you. We have therefore selected those of them that only require everyday products. In this way, you won’t have to spend any money for cleaning your mattress.

1- Soda crystals

Excellent stripper, soda crystals are perfect for cleaning surfaces and ridding fabrics of encrusted stains. By using it on your mattress, you will be able to disinfect it while removing all the stains on it.

However to clean your mattress with soda crystals you must be careful because these irritate the skin. It is therefore important to bring a pair of gloves and glasses to perform this trick.

To perform this cleaning 100% ecological and economicalyou have to :

– Start by getting soda crystals. To do this, you can go to a supermarket or to your neighborhood store.

– Fill a basin with water and add a cup of soda crystals.

– Mix the soda crystals and the water well (until the soda crystals have completely dissolved).

– Soak a sponge in the mixture and rub the area to be cleaned with it.

– Soak another cloth in clean water and rinse the cleaned area with it.

– Allow the mattress to air dry.

2- Dishwashing liquid

Perfect for recent stains, dishwashing liquid is a formidable ally when it comes to cleaning the mattress. In addition, you certainly already have some at home, so you will not have not to spend a penny for this tip.

To clean your mattress with dishwashing liquid, all you need to do is:

– In a container, pour water and washing-up liquid.

– Mix the two well until the washing-up liquid is completely dissolved.

– Dip a cloth in the solution and rub the area of ​​the mattress to be cleaned with this cloth.

– Dip another cloth in water and rinse the cleaned area with it.

– Let your mattress dry for several hours.

3- White vinegar

Very popular for its disinfectant properties, vinegar is an excellent multi-surface cleaner. It allows you to take care of the whole house and the mattress is no exception. With white vinegar you can clean your mattress by getting rid of all those bad smells.

To clean your mattress with white vinegar, you must start by:

– In a basin, pour white vinegar, lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid.

– Stir everything well so that all the ingredients mix perfectly.

– Soak a cloth in the mixture and wring it out a little before rubbing it on the area of ​​the mattress to be cleaned.

– Also rub around the stains so as not to have halos around the cleaned areas.

– Dampen another cloth with water and squeeze it lightly before rinsing the cleaned area with it.

– Dab the cleaned area vigorously with a dry cotton cloth.

– Let your mattress air dry.

4- Ammonia

Ammonia is also a magic product when it comes to cleaning the mattress. These effects on the mattress fabric are due to its descaling and degreasing properties. Thanks to its virtues, ammonia can quickly and easily clean your mattress.

In addition, by using ammonia you can avoid the streaks of dirt that often appear after cleaning. However the ammonia can cause burns, So be sure to protect yourself well by performing this trick. To clean your mattress with ammonia, you must:

– Pour lukewarm water into a basin and add a few drops of washing-up liquid and ammonia.

– Mix everything well to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

– Soak the mixture on a cloth and rub it on the stain on the mattress.

– Let the mixture act for a few minutes before rinsing the cleaned area with another sponge soaked in water.

– Leave your mattress to dry outside.

5- Talc

Renowned for its absorption capacity, talc allows you to clean your mattress and remove all bad odors. In addition, it will give your mattress a soft and very pleasant smell.

To carry out the cleaning with talc, you must:

– Dampen the area to be cleaned.

– Sprinkle some talc on this area.

– Let the talc act throughout the day so that it can properly absorb odors and dirt.

– Once the talc has thoroughly cleaned your mattress, you can come and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

6- Steam cleaning

Very simple and effective, steam cleaning allows you to rid your mattress of all its dirt. It cleans the mattress thoroughly and is 100% naturalthe only condition to be able to do it is to have a steam cleaner at home.

To steam clean your mattress you must:

– Run a steam cleaner on your mattress to get rid of all the dust.

– Pour a little turpentine on the stain.

– Run a final swipe of the steam cleaner over the entire mattress.

NB : With this method you can enjoy a clean and dry mattress without having to dry it.

7- Household alcohol

Powerful disinfectant, rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean mattresses. By using it on your mattress you can easily get rid of all its stains. In addition, this trick is very simple to perform and hardly asks for anything.

For this cleaning you will need a little hot water and rubbing alcohol. Once you have both, you must:

– Mix them and soak a sponge in the resulting mixture.

– Then rub the sponge on the area of ​​the mattress to be cleaned until the stain disappears.

– Lightly soak another sponge in clean water and rinse the cleaned area with it.

– Dab a dry cloth on the cleaned area to suck up as much moisture as possible before leaving the mattress to dry.

8- Baking soda

Baking soda is the perfect solution to rid your mattress of all its odors and dirt. If this is possible it is thanks to its absorbent and disinfectant properties. Apart from that, this trick is particularly simple and does not require no physical effort.

To clean your mattress with baking soda, just pour some on the stain. Then let the baking soda act for 6 hours before vacuuming to remove everything.

9- Marseille soap

At a time simple and very effective, this trick allows you to find a clean mattress free of all odors. Whether they are encrusted stains or not, Marseille soap is the product for you.

In addition, there is nothing simpler than cleaning your mattress with Marseille soap. For this trick, all you need is:

– Moisten the area to be cleaned with a little water.

– Rub Marseille soap on this area.

– Leave the Marseille soap to act for 4 to 5 hours.

– Dampen a cloth with a little water and rub it over the cleaned area to remove the soap.

– Allow the mattress to air dry.

10- Hydrogen peroxide

To clean a mattress covered in stains and burns, nothing better than a little hydrogen peroxide. This product is capable of performing true miracles on your mattress. In addition he is able very easy to use and will also get rid of bad smells.

To clean your mattress with hydrogen peroxide, you must first wear gloves. Once you have worn a pair of gloves, you should:

– Mix the hydrogen peroxide with a little hot water and wait for the water to cool down a little.

– Dip a cloth in the still lukewarm mixture and rub your mattress with this cloth.

– Wait a few hours for the hydrogen peroxide to take effect before rinsing your mattress.

– Finally, let your mattress dry and admire the result.

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