10 super-simple ideas for cleansing a washer


Among household appliances, the washing machine is one of the most important. This device has become so important that we can no longer afford to neglect it. This because if it were to break down it would be a real disaster.

The problem is that usually its maintenance is quite expensive and request to use chemicals. Fortunately, there is grandma’s tips very simple to make that allow you to clean your washing machine. Find out in this article 10 tips for cleaning your washing machine.

Many don’t know it, but to clean your washing machine, you don’t need to go to the supermarket. Indeed, many everyday products are excellent when it comes to cleaning your washing machine. In addition, these products cost practically nothing and are natural. By using them, you can save money while reducing pollution.

1- Salt and white vinegar

This trick is particularly effective against limestone which accumulates in the machine. You should know that over the washes, your washing machine accumulates significant amounts of dirt. This dirt becomes encrusted on different areas of the machine and very often ends up causing breakdowns.

With this trick, you can rid your washing machine of all that dirt stuck all over the machine. In this way, you will be able to use your washing machine for a much longer time without the slightest breakdown. In addition with this trick you can rid your washing machine of bad odors.

To do this trick, start by pouring cold water and salt into a bowl. Mix everything well until the salt crystals dissolve before adding white vinegar to the preparation. Once your preparation is finished, pour it into the washing machine and run a wash cycle.

2- Boiling water

It is well known, boiling water is perfect for degrease and descale surfaces. With this trick, you can descale and degrease the system of your washing machine. In addition, hot water destroys the microbes responsible for bad odors present in your washing machine.

Apart from that, this method is easy, fast and requires nothing. You can clean with boiling water without having to spend a penny. Also note that this tip should be used at least once a month. This is to rid your washing machine of dirt and extend its life.

To make it, start by boiling half a pot of water. Be careful not to overheat the water otherwise it could damage the plastic components of your washing machine. Your water should just be hot without being hot. Once you’ve heated your water, pour it into your washing machine and run a wash cycle.

3- Water and vinegar

Known as a natural multi-surface cleaner, white vinegar allows you to disinfect all your surfaces without difficulty. By using white vinegar to clean your washing machine, you can rid it of scale, limescale and microbes. You will therefore find your washing machine clean and odorless.

To clean your washing machine with water and white vinegar, you just need to mix cold water and vinegar. Once you have mixed everything well, pour the resulting mixture into the detergent drawer of your washing machine. Then run a 40 degree vacuum wash. When the laundry is done, empty your washing machine and leave it open to let the moisture out.

4- Essential oils

This trick is perfect for ridding your washing machine of all those odors. By using it, you will be able to thoroughly clean your washing machine and get rid of all those bad smells.

In addition, this trick is very simple to perform and requires nothing more than an essential oil. For example, you can choose essential oil of lavender, mint or even lemon, the choice is yours.

For this tip, you need to add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to your regular detergent. Then you just have to start a wash cycle. You will be able to find your washing machine clean, rid of all its odors and as a bonus, your laundry will smell good.

5- Baking soda

Super descaler, baking soda is the perfect product for the maintenance and cleaning of your washing machine. By using it, you will be able to rid your washing machine of all the scale that has been accumulating in it for months.

In addition, this trick allows you to prevent tartar formation in the washing machine. So if you do this cleaning on a regular basis you can extend the life of your washing machine.

To clean your washing machine with baking soda, you just need a little baking soda. Once you have some baking soda, pour some into the drum of your washing machine. After that, run a wash cycle with the machine empty.

6- Anti-limestone

The number one reason washing machines break down is limescale buildup. You should know that the tap water we use for our laundry is very rich in limestone.

So when carrying out detergents, the machine ends up having limestone which remains clinging to its parts. When this scale reaches a certain threshold, it begins to affect the operation of the washing machine. The latter ends up breaking down.

For this trick you just have to throw an anti-limescale tablet in the drum of your washing machine. Then perform an empty wash.

NB : you can find anti-limescale tablets in supermarkets and specialized stores.

7- Domestic alcohol

Excellent disinfectant, household alcohol allows you to get rid of germs in your washing machine. It is also perfect for degreasing the washing machine. With it, your washing machine will be clean, rid of its germs and all the grease that had accumulated there.

For this trick, pour a little household alcohol with a little water into the drum of your washing machine. Then carry out a vacuum wash so that the alcohol cleans the entire system of the washing machine well.

Once the laundry is done, soak a cloth in alcohol and clean the drum of your machine with it. To do this, you just need to slide the cloth through the seals of the washing machine drum.

8- Soapy water

Many believe not, but soapy water is excellent for cleaning washing machines. It allows to degrease, to eliminate germs and bad odors of your washing machine. However, be aware that this trick requires some effort. In fact, to clean your washing machine with soapy water, you must first partially dismantle it.

To clean your washing machine with soapy water, start by putting soapy water in a container. Then soak a cotton cloth in this container and use the cloth to clean the seals of your drum.

Once your drum seals are clean, remove the filter from your washing machine. Then wash it thoroughly and put it back in place before letting your washing machine dry.

9- Lemon

Rich in acid, lemon is a very effective weapon against dirt. It allows you to remove the most stubborn dirt effortlessly. In addition it is very effective against tartar, limestone and is very easy to use. With this trick you will find your washing machine clean and rid of all its bad smells.

To clean your washing machine with lemon, you will need: a lemon and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Once you have everything, cut the lemon into rings and place the rings in a sock. Then add the baking soda to the sock and place it in the washing machine. Finally, all you have to do is start a wash cycle.

10- Soda crystals

Powerful descaler, soda crystals are perfect for removing dirt and limescale accumulated in the washing machine. By regularly cleaning your washing machine with soda crystals, you can prolong its life. You will then use your washing machine much longer without having the slightest problem.

NB : Soda crystals are quite irritating to the skin, so they should be used with caution. We recommend that you always wear gloves when handling soda crystals.

For this trick, just pour a little soda crystals into your laundry tub. Then you just have to run a detergent at 40°C. Your washing machine will be clean and rid of all its dirt.

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