10 super-simple suggestions for cleansing airpods


The airpods were a dazzling success as soon as they were released. These wireless headphones, thanks to their size and autonomy, have revolutionized the world of wireless headphones. However, like all headphones, they always end up getting dirty.

The problem is that these headphones don’t clean like the others. Especially since given their price, we would like to be able to clean them without risking damaging them. The question that many are asking is how to clean your airpods. If you too are asking yourself this question, then discover in this article 10 super-simple tips for cleaning the airpods.

10 super-simple tips for cleaning airpods

Indeed, there are super-simple tips to clean your airpods without running the slightest risk of damaging them. These tricks use everyday items and products, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

1 – The cotton swab

By using cotton swabs, you can easily and quickly get rid of any earwax on your airpods. In addition, this simple trick is completely safe for your airpods.

To clean your airpods with cotton swabs, you must pass the cotton swabs over the gums of the latter. You will be able to remove all the earwax present without damaging your airpods.

2 – The dry wipes

Dry wipes are also very effective when you want to clean your airpods. With a dry wipe you can easily remove dust and earwax stuck in your airpods. In addition, this trick is very economical, with a single wipe you can completely clean your pair of airpods.

To perform this trick, you just have to remove the rubber from your airpods and clean them with the cloth. After you finish cleaning the airpods, you can also clean their box and the erasers.

3 – Paste to fix

For those who don’t know, fixing paste is a paste designed to grab and hold dirt. It makes it much easier for you to clean hard-to-reach places. For example, you can clean the case of your airpods and get rid of all the dust it has accumulated. You can also use it to clean your airpods by removing all the dust they contain.

4 – The air bomb

This trick is very effective and simple to perform. However, to take advantage of it, you must have an air bomb. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly remove all the waste accumulated by your airpods. To achieve it, approach the air bomb to your airpods. Then press the air bomb button. However, make sure that the bomb is not too close to your airpods so that it does not damage them.

5 – A soft bristle brush

The brush with soft bristles will allow you to clean the dirt encrusted on your airpods without damaging them. You can remove stains, traces of dust and even earwax with a soft bristle brush.

It will allow you to clean areas such as the lightning outlet or the small baffles on the airpods. To clean your airpods with a soft bristle brush, you just brush the dirty surfaces of your airpods. However, be careful not to apply force while brushing otherwise you risk damaging your airpods.

6 – A soft cloth

By using a soft cloth, you can fully clean your Airpods. The soft cloth will allow you to remove earwax, dust and all other debris accumulated by your airpods. In addition, thanks to its softness it will not damage them.

To use it, you just have to gently rub it over any dirty areas of your airpods. You can even moisten the cloth with a little alcohol to make it even more effective.

7 – A brush

The brush is perfect for removing dust that has lodged in your airpods. For example, you can remove the dust in the case, or from the lightning output of your airpods. This trick may be less effective than the others, but it has the advantage of not being able to damage the airpods.

8 – domestic alcohol

With its disinfectant properties, household alcohol is perfect for cleaning your Airpods. By using it, you will be able to eliminate all the microbes present on your airpods while removing dust and other residues. In addition, as it evaporates very quickly, it will not damage your airpods.

To clean your airpods with alcohol, you need to soak a lint cloth with a little alcohol and then rub it over your airpods. Once your airpods are clean, all you have to do is put them back in their box.

9 – wet wipes

This trick is recommended to clean and disinfect your airpods. With a wet wipe you can rid your airpods of all the microbes and all the dirt that has settled there.

To perform this trick, you can use a disinfectant wipe or moisten a wipe with a little household alcohol. Once you have your wet wipe, all you have to do is rub your airpods with it to remove the encrusted dirt on it.

10 – The toothpick

This trick allows you to clean your lightning outlet without taking any risks. By using a toothpick you can easily rid the lightning output of the case of your airpords of all its dust. However, this trick must be used with great care to avoid damaging your exit.

To clean your lightning outlet with a toothpick, gently run the toothpick through the outlet. Be careful not to force when you send the toothpick because you could damage your output.

Once the toothpick is well inside, move it horizontally to remove as much dust as possible. Once the toothpick has finished removing all the dust present in your lightning outlet, you can remove it. You can even put some cotton on the end to remove even more dust.

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