10 super-simple suggestions for cleansing leather-based


Leather sofas are very beautiful and in most cases of very good quality. But given their price, these pieces of furniture are a real investment. It is therefore preferable to maintain them well so that they can be used as long as possible. Discover the 10 super-simple tips for cleaning leather.

10 super-simple tips for cleaning leather

Many are unaware of it, but leather care products sold in supermarkets are not the only effective leather care products. Indeed, many everyday products are very effective in maintaining leather.

1 – Marseille soap

This trick will allow you to restore all its shine to your leather. By using it regularly on your leather furniture you will be able to maintain their shine and luster. To perform this trick, start by dusting your furniture with a damp cloth. Next, coat a washcloth with Marseille soap and rub it on your leather furniture.

Once the piece of furniture is completely covered with soap, rub it again with a wet mitt to remove the soap. After removing all the soap, dry the leather furniture with a dry towel.

2 – Cleansing milk

Very easy to use, the cleansing milk allows you to shine by cleaning your leather furniture. Thanks to it, you can restore your furniture to its original shine. In addition, this trick is very simple to perform. To make it, soak a soft wipe with a little cleansing milk and rub your leather furniture with it.

3 – white clay stone

This trick is perfect for removing stains embedded in leather. It will allow you to find shiny leather furniture without the slightest stain. However it is quite rough, so it is not recommended to use it on fragile leather furniture.

To make it, wet a cloth and rub it on a clay stone. Then clean the leather with this cloth without rubbing it. Just gently pass the cloth over the leather to spread the white clay stone on it.

Once you have spread the white clay all over, wait a few minutes for the clay to take effect. Finally, gently rinse the leather furniture and let it dry.

4 – Linseed oil and white vinegar

This trick is perfect for cracking leather. It will allow you to deeply nourish your leather and permanently stop cracking. However, be aware that it must be applied at least once a month so that your leather stops cracking.

To do this trick, mix white vinegar and linseed oil in a spray bottle. Once you have obtained a perfectly homogeneous mixture, spray and spread it on your leather with a cloth.

5 – egg white

Although this trick looks weird, it is still very effective and has already been proven. In addition, it is very simple to make. To make it you just have to beat the eggs until stiff. Then all you have to do is apply this snow on the leather using a cloth. After the first application you will see your leather shine like never before. All you have to do is wipe the leather with a damp cloth to remove the egg.

6 – Oil-limestone liniment (mixture of vegetable oil and lime water)

This trick is very effective but should not be used on all types of leather. Indeed, it is recommended for dry and greasy leathers. On the other hand, if you have aniline leather, it is advisable to use it in very small quantities. Also note that this trick makes the color of the leather much darker.

To perform this trick, soak a cloth with oleo-limestone liniment before passing this cloth over your leather. Be sure to leave only a very light layer of oil-limestone liniment on your leather to avoid wasting any.

7 – The glycerine soap

Obtained by cold saponification, glycerine soap has many benefits for leather. It will allow you to take care of your leather on a daily basis. You will be able to nourish it, restore its shine, etc.

To use glycerine soap on leather, you need to dampen a soft cloth with a little water. It is important that the cloth contains only a very small amount of water. You can even wring it out to make sure it only retains the moisture.

Once the cloth is soaked, rub it on a piece of glycerine soap. When your cloth has taken on the soap, rub it on your leather in circular motions. After cleaning an area, wipe it with a dry towel and move on to the next one. You don’t have to rinse the leather once the operation is complete, just let it dry at its own pace.

8 – Damp microfiber cloth

This trick helps clean the leather and get rid of all traces of encrusted dirt. For this trick, you just have to gently pass the cloth over the leather without rubbing it. The cloth will thus retain all the dirt present on your leather.

9 – Ammonia cleansing milk

This trick disinfects and deodorizes your leather without damaging it. In this way, you will be able to find your clean leather without the slightest trace of dirt. To make it, soak a cloth or a piece of cotton in cleansing milk mixed with a few drops of ammonia.

Once you have the cloth soaked, wipe the leather with the cloth in question. For this trick, you don’t have to scrub your leather. Try it just by making circular movements. Do not hesitate to change the piece of cotton or cloth if necessary.

10 – white vinegar

Known for its disinfectant properties, white vinegar is perfect for cleaning leather. It will allow you to disinfect your leather and rid it of all its germs. You will be able to find a clean leather and in perfect condition.

To perform this trick, soak a cloth with white vinegar. Then polish your leather with this cloth by making circular movements.

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