10 issues ladies secretly wish to do in mattress


10 things women secretly want to do in bed

10.07.2023 11:25

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Being on the same wavelength with your partner allows you to have a healthy and balanced relationship. This is all the more true when the osmosis is complete sexually speaking. In fact, many couples still struggle to talk openly and honestly about exactly what they want in bed. Some women have difficulty discussing such intimate matters. In this article we have listed a dozen things they want in bed but don’t dare say to their partner.

Especially during the moment of penetration, women love when the man looks at them, they like to see the change in their partner’s facial expressions. This gesture can also be accompanied by kisses, which brings the two partners closer, and makes the experience even more intimate.

2. Being naughty

Of course, you should make sure she’s okay with it, before you do something for the first time like spank her or make love to her in a bit beastly way. Bringing something new to your sexual relations is important so as not to fall into a routine. In fact, many women love it when their partner does something a little weird. Anything you can do to make sex a little more « aggressive » will drastically increase the pleasure and excitement during intercourse. But if it’s the first time you’ve done it, make sure you don’t rush her and especially think about measuring her level of satisfaction.

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3. Be more vocal

Just as you like to hear your partner moan when you caress her or have sex, women also like to hear your reaction when you’re having a lot of fun. This kind of reaction increases their excitement and pushes them to get even more involved.

4. Playing with her clitoris

Learn how your wife likes to be touched and stimulated. Statistics say that 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Unless you are in certain positions where the penis or pelvis rubs against the clitoris, penetration alone is sometimes not enough to bring your partner to orgasm.

5. A little spontaneity

Even though planning spontaneous sex may seem like an oxymoron, it works well for getting things done. Planning and talking to your partner about your mutual openness to quick sex acts allows you to take full advantage of certain moments. Spontaneity plays an important role in sexual arousal.

6. Give attention

Women want men to listen to them. If a woman moans or squirms when you do something during sex, take note, it means she likes what you are doing. Women also like men who are careful that they reach orgasm.

7. Incorporate novelty

Sex therapist Dr. Megan Stubbs explains that women really like it when men incorporate a combination of moves and toys into their routine when having sex. On top of that, women want slower sex and clitoral stimulation, which doesn’t mean they hate quick sex acts. Basically, the more things you do to break the routine, the better. We crave novelty as humans, so any change of pace will definitely be noticed.

8. Avoid the “one move fits all” approach

Women want their sexual needs met, and that means asking him about his preferences in bed rather than going on autopilot. Not all women are the same, every woman is a unique person, ask her questions and then listen to her.

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9. Foreplay

It is a fact that women take longer to reach orgasm than men. A good amount and quality of foreplay is what will help level out that time difference. Not to mention that sex is simply better when the woman is horny. According to sex expert Tristan Weedmark, foreplay tops the list of what every woman wants in bed. Before jumping into the main attraction, take the time to make sure your partner is fully aroused.

10. The Right Rhythm

According to sex expert Jacqui Olliver, having the right rhythm with the right movement tops the list of what women really want in bed. The most important requirements for most women during sex are a comfortable position with a slow, steady pace. Go for quality over quantity, because if your technique leaves something to be desired, it won’t want you to last any longer.

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