10 Issues You Ought to By no means Clear With Paper Towels.


Yet we all have a roll in our kitchen.

And we draw it with all our might as soon as there is an incident.

It’s easy, convenient and absorbs everything.

However, this paper is not suitable for all surfaces.

Worse: it is not environmentally friendly at all.

So, I asked advice from Fabien, the ecology and sustainable development referent of my municipality.

He gave me the list of all the uses to avoid.

Here is 10 things you should never clean with Sopalin at home. Look :

It’s true that when you put your glasses under the tap, the first thing you grab is a paper towel to wipe them.

Very bad idea!

For what ?

Because it has a grainy texture that can scratch the glasses.

Plus, he leaves lint everywhere.

Opticians strongly advise against it, because, in the long run, it damages the glasses.

The solution :

Most goggles come with a microfiber cloth.

Use it, they are made to take care of glasses without scratching them.

2. Clean windows and mirrors

A mirror and panes with the reflection of a person taking a picture

Like the lenses of glasses, windows and mirrors are sensitive.

It is not advisable to clean them with a paper towel, as this can scratch them.

And leave lots of little stuffed animals on it.

The solution :

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windows.

Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also more durable.

3. Clean the TV and computer screen

A gray TV screen with no picture

Like glasses or windows, screens are easily scratched.

That’s why manufacturers advise never to clean the screen of the phone, tablets or TV with paper towels.

It would still be a shame to have scratches on your beautiful brand new TV, wouldn’t it?

The solution :

It’s not a scoop, again microfiber is the best way to have an impeccable screen without scratches.

4. Clean the toilet

Dirty and messy toilets

It is true that it may seem more hygienic to clean the toilets with disposable paper.

However, this is really stupidity.

For what ?

Because it takes too much.

Empty a 1/2 roll of paper just so as not to get your hands dirty:

Hello the pollution loan!

The solution :

A good disinfectant and an old sponge (dedicated to the toilet or to be thrown away afterwards) are the appropriate response.

5. Clean the tub and shower

A dirty shower and bathtub

Tubs and showers are large areas to clean.

It is unthinkable to use absorbent paper for this type of cleaning.

It would take too much for a less than optimal result.

In the end it is a waste of money and raw materials.

The solution :

A soft sponge, an adapted product and a microfiber will do for several weeks of use.

6. Clean the cutting board

A wooden cutting board

Cutting boards are made of wood or plastic: two porous materials.

Suffice to say that they are real nests of microbes.

And paper towel is not the right cleaning solution.

For what ?

Because it does not clean thoroughly and leaves lint everywhere.

The solution :

A little baking soda, lemon and an abrasive sponge will be perfect.

7. To dust the furniture

A wooden piece of furniture containing dust

What a funny idea to dust the furniture with a Sopalin.

Not only is it not made for that.

But in addition, it may scratch fragile or lacquered furniture.

And the worst part is that it leaves traces everywhere.

The solution :

There’s nothing better than a soft cloth for dusting. A little homemade dust spray can be added if desired.

8. To absorb a stain on a dark garment

A person wearing black joggers with two stains on them

Have you just made a stain on a dark garment?

Above all, do not try to absorb it with Sopalin.

For what ?

Because it will leave white fluff everywhere, especially if you rub.

The solution :

Choose a tea towel or a small terry towel to absorb liquids that have spilled over on a dark textile.

9. To dry your hands

A person wiping their hands with a tissue

What could be easier than pulling out a paper towel to wipe your hands when cooking?

And yet, it’s not a good idea.

To be white, this paper undergoes fairly heavy chemical treatments.

Needless to say, it should not come into contact with our skin…or at least as little as possible.

The solution :

A cotton tea towel or wear an apron to dry your hands.

10. To spin a salad

Two containers of different sizes containing salad

You would think that wringing out a salad with paper towel goes faster.


But when we know how much this paper is treated with harmful products, we don’t want it to touch our food.

In addition, the roll remains in the open air for weeks in the kitchen.

The best way for dust and bacteria to settle on it.

The solution :

The traditional salad spinner of our grandmothers!

Your turn…

And you, did you know these tricks to do without paper towels? Tell us everything in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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