10 suggestions for adorning your inside in autumn


Summer is ending, the leaves of the trees are changing color, the temperatures are cooling: autumn is near. So how about following these examples of changes to bring a touch of decoration to your interior for the fall? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to go about it or where to start, we’re going to give you some very useful tips on how to do it.

1. Use warm colors for bedrooms

In order to bring an autumn atmosphere in your room and help to forget these sometimes low temperatures, what better than warm colors. From yellow to orange via red, it doesn’t take much to bring the big heat stroke and breathe an autumnal atmosphere.

2. Use natural objects for interior decoration

The most effective method to arrange a living room filled with modern furniture is to add a natural touch. For this, it is not only a question of adding flowers or plants, but of using for example a log of wood as a stool or a branch of a tree as a coat rack for example.

3. Fix pretty frames on the wall and arrange the plants on the ground or vice versa

It is true that for most people, a frame should be hung on the wall and a plant should be placed on the ground. Well, know that if you want a fairly chic bohemian style decoration, you can very well put a frame on the floor or on a piece of furniture and have a greater impact in the decoration than on a wall. With regard to a plant, it can very well be raised by a stool for example in order to be put in more value.

4. Place decorative items always in groups of three

Always make sure to always match your decorative items in groups of three so as not to make too few or overloaded. This is called the rule of three. But, you can very well manage without this rule insofar as your assortments are harmonious.

5. Know how to illuminate your rooms with several light sources

Above all, do not settle for the classic and platonic artificial lighting that we all know for a room. Show a little originality by adding multiple light sources on a shelf, on the ground, or in a garland according to your preference in order to modulate the intensity of the lighting. All of this can make for a bit of a romantic vibe if you want it.

6. Use simple curtains and bed sheets

We are usually tempted to choose floral curtains or sheets in fashionable colors. But there is nothing more chic and simple than a curtain or a bed sheet in a solid color since the prints, although they are beautiful, quickly tire us.

7. Use the art of mix match

It is simply a question of giving an original touch to a decoration by mixing valuable elements with inexpensive elements, new with old, design objects with hats…

8. Decorate your windowsills

For a complete decoration with autumn flavors, why not integrate our sometimes too pale window sills? To remedy this, you can put small pumpkins, candles and maybe a few pine cones.

9. Invest in the essentials

If you have a fairly tight budget, you need to invest in the most important piece of furniture in each room. For example, in the bedroom, it’s the bed, in the living room it’s the sofa… Over time, you can expand your decorative collection.

10. Use dried leaves and flowers

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In the spirit of ecology, and to bring a real autumnal side, you can opt for the use of dried plants to decorate a wall for example.

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