10 Suggestions To Recycle Your Christmas Tree (And Give It A Second Life).


He who was the king of the festival, today he is all dry and all yellow.

Here I show you how to easily recycle your Christmas tree after the holidays.

Traditionally, we part with it at Epiphany.

But, there is no question of throwing it in the trash.

Oh yes ! A cut tree is « green waste ». We can therefore give it a second life.

It was my nurseryman who reminded me how to do it. And I admit that it’s really smart, practical and super simple.

Here are 10 tips for recycling your Christmas tree. Look :

First of all, it should be remembered that it is forbidden to leave your waste on the public highway under penalty of a fine.

It is therefore not very wise to get rid of Son Beau Sapin on the sidewalk.

Prefer one of these tips to recycle it.

1. Put the tree in the compost

compost pile with fir trees

If you have a garden, this is the easiest trick.

Cut the bag tree into sections and put them on the compost heap.

The more it is cut into small pieces, the faster it will decompose.

But beware, pine is an acid plant which can change the pH of your compost.

I therefore advise you not to put everything at once (especially if you had chosen a very large tree). But spread this recycling throughout the year.

2. Crush the tree to serve as mulch

crushed fir mulch

To serve as mulch, the fir tree can be crushed or chipped.

Due to its composition, it is ideal for plants that like acidic soils such as heather, hydrangeas or rhododendrons.

But that’s not all !

This mulch slows down weed regrowth, again, thanks to its acidity.

In addition, slugs and snails will no longer approach your plants. Especially if you have the thorns around your seedlings in the vegetable garden. Hey yes … it stings!

3. Cut the branches for the fireplace

fire in the fireplace

Even if the fir tree is not the most caloriferous wood, it can perfectly be used to put in the fireplace.

Cut off large branches from your Christmas tree and remove thorns that often carry a sticky, fragrant sap.

Then let the wood dry in a dry place. We recommend leaving it to dry for at least 4 months before burning it.

4. Power up your barbecue or smoker

wood-fired barbecue

If you don’t have the patience to save the wood for the next winter, use your dry fir branches for the barbecue.

Thus, the king of winter will also be celebrating in summer when you cook your grills.

It is a wood that catches fire easily: ideal for the barbecue!

If you have a smoker, the pine is very fragrant. It gives a very pleasant taste to your smoked meats or fish.

5. Take him to the recycling center

old christmas tree at the recycling center

When your tree has lost its splendor, all you have to do is drop it off at the nearest recycling center.

It will go in the « green waste » section.

Most of the time, the trees are crushed. They then serve as mulch or ground cover for the next winter.

The communities use them a lot in the beds to prevent the growth of weeds or to protect the flowers from the cold.

6. Take advantage of the municipal collection

christmas tree picked up with a horse-drawn carriage

In some municipalities, there is an organized pickup in mid-January.

At home, this fundraising is horse-drawn … yes, we’re green to the end!

A cart pulled by two horses collects the trees that were left on the sidewalks the day before.

What do we do with it next?

They are distributed to the goatherds in the region: the goats love dry fir trees. A nice gift, isn’t it?

They are also given to farmers who roughly chop them up. They then spread the pieces to avoid mud on the farms.

Nothing is lost !

7. Bring the tree back to a garden center

green fir and desiccated fir to recycle

Some garden center brands offer a voucher if you buy and then take the tree home.

It’s a good way to buy a Christmas tree produced in France and recover a few euros after the holidays.

Botanic garden centers, for example, offer this system.

This is very practical if you live in a big city like Paris, Lille or Strasbourg and the first recycling center is not next door.

8. Scent your DIY cleaning products

Home detergent scented with natural fir

The fir tree is more or less fragrant depending on the variety.

The Nordmann has the advantage of not losing its thorns … but it has little odor.

On the other hand, spruce, on the other hand, smells very strongly.

Collect the tips of the branches (the lighter ones) before the tree dries up completely.

Then put them in white vinegar to flavor it, for example.

In the same way, you can perfume a homemade laundry, a cleaning product or a hand soap.

It’s natural … and it’s free!

9. Relax your feet

foot bath with a fir infusion

Sore feet after a busy day?

Prepare yourself for a pine needle foot bath.

Put about 100g of needles in 3 liters of water and boil. Simmer for about 10 minutes, then let cool. Finally, dip your feet in it when the mixture has cooled slightly.

Enjoy this foot bath for at least 15 minutes. It is antibacterial and anti-odor.

10. Prepare an infusion of pine needles

pine needle infusion in a cup

If you have chosen an organic or Label Rouge tree, you can eat its thorns. Otherwise, it is to be avoided.

Why ? Because most non-organic trees have been boosted with chemical fertilizers a year before being cut. Berk!

Take 5 or 6 young pine shoots among the least dry. Put them in a large mug and add boiling water to them. Let steep for 10 minutes and enjoy.

You can add lemon and honey. It is an antibacterial and expectorant infusion.

Your turn…

And you, how do you recycle cut trees? Tell us everything in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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