10 Makes use of That Will SIMPLIFY Your Life.


Economical and environmentally friendly, white vinegar, also called alcohol vinegar, is THE MUST-HAVE product that you should always have at home.

Nothing scares him! Bathroom, dishwasher, tiles, shower head … it is able to get rid of any stains and traces of encrusted limestone.

Quickly discover the 10 uses of white vinegar that will make your life easier:

1. Eliminates limescale

One of its well-known properties is the acidity of white vinegar. This is what makes it a very effective weapon against limestone. A few drops are enough to dissolve the limestone.

Sprayed on the joints of the bathroom or the taps, it eliminates traces of limestone. It suffices to leave it on for about twenty minutes. Then wipe with a soft microfiber cloth or scrub with a toothbrush if the streaks resist.

It is also formidable for descaling an iron which becomes clogged with repeated ironings. Brush the sole of your iron with white vinegar. Place absorbent paper on top. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse.

If your kettle is building up lime, take out your white vinegar. Pour a glass of water and a glass of vinegar in your kettle. Boil. Rinse well several times to get rid of the taste and smell of the vinegar. It also works with your coffee maker.

2. Makes dishes shine

White vinegar dissolves fat. It is the ideal solution for degreasing dishes. For the dishwasher, simply replace the rinse aid with white vinegar. For hand washing, add a glass of white vinegar to the rinse water. In both cases, no more traces of grease! Your dishes shine effortlessly.

Besides, white vinegar also makes mirrors shine. Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of water and vinegar. A little elbow grease and presto, voila: it shines! This trick also works for windows.

White vinegar also attacks burnt pots and pans. To remove stubborn deposits, pour a glass of water and a glass of vinegar into the pan or pot. Bring to a boil and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

3. Replaces bleach

Bleach is a detergent that is harmful to the environment but also to your health. Anytime you touch or breathe in bleach, it’s not good for you …

Fortunately, white vinegar is a great substitute for bleach. First of all it is natural, so no concern for your health but in addition it is an excellent antimicrobial.

It allows you to easily clean your dirty microwave, without effort. It is also super effective for cleaning toilets because it eliminates bacteria and eliminates bad odors. Especially if we add a few drops of lemon or even better …lemon essential oil.

It will also remove all the grime from the bathroom. No more lime, no more bacteria, no more traces of dirt. And besides, it smells good! Does your fridge smell bad because of dishonest cheese? The white vinegar will hunt down bad smells even in your fridge! And in addition, it will disinfect it naturally without any risk to food.

4. Maintains the pipes

It pickles and eliminates bad odors. Suffice to say that it is THE natural and inexpensive product that you need to maintain your pipes. Who has never had bad smells coming out of the pipes?

By regularly pouring white vinegar into your sink, sink, tub, shower, and even your toilet, you get rid of this nasty problem easily. Me, I pour 1 liter of white vinegar in the evening once every two weeks and I leave it on all night.

In addition, you save money and you protect the environment. Pipe cleaner is not cheap and you can be sure it is packed with chemicals.

5. Detaches the fabrics

A stain of chocolate, grass, coffee or wine? You wonder how to remove these stubborn stains from a fabric. Do not search anymore. The answer is: white vinegar. Yes again …

But first test a small corner of the item of clothing or fabric to be peeled off to be sure it holds up well.

Then, dampen a clean cloth with white vinegar and rub the stain. You just have to machine the fabric or garment as usual to get a clean fabric.

6. Eliminates stubborn odors from fabrics

You have noticed ? Some smells have the ability to become embedded in fabrics and clothing. Vomit, pee, sweating …

To eliminate those stubborn odors, it’s simple: mix 1/3 white vinegar with 2/3 water in a container. Stir. Pour it all over the smelly areas. Leave on for 20 min. Rub then machine wash. There you go, no more smells!

7. Calms insect bites

A mosquito or some other bug has bitten you and it itches terribly! SOS white vinegar! White vinegar isn’t just for cleaning. It will be very helpful in relieving your itching.

It suffices to soak a cotton ball in white vinegar which is applied to the bite. Leave on for 5 min. The result is that your pimple doesn’t itch anymore. No more itching! Also think about it if you get stung by nettles!

8. Makes your hair shine naturally

This is a real grandmother’s thing! To have shiny hair, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on conditioners. Yes, white vinegar is also useful in the shower!

Wash your hair normally. Make a final rinse with a little white vinegar (watch out for the eyes, it stings!). Leave on for 3 min. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove the odor. Your hair will be easier to comb, it will disentangle without resistance and above all it will have superb shine!

9. Softens laundry without fabric softener

White vinegar softens your hair. So why not your laundry? No need to buy fabric softener or fabric softener. You can soften your laundry naturally.

Replace them with a dose of white vinegar, to be poured into the fabric softener container. Start your machine and you will see how soft and comfortable your laundry is!

10. Weed your garden without pesticides

White vinegar has no mercy on garden weeds. It is a natural weedkiller, without toxic products and which does not pollute the environment.

If we add its very low price, it is your ideal ally in the garden! To remove weeds easily, spray the weeds with white vinegar. They will soon be just a bad memory.

Where can I find white vinegar?

White vinegar does not cost no more than 50 cents per liter in supermarkets. It can even be easily found at 30 euro cents. You can also read our price comparison by supermarket here.

On the Internet, it’s a different story. The prices go up enormously and can even go to almost 10 € for 500 ml! You do not believe me ? Look at the price here. Crazy isn’t it?

A shame when you know how much it costs in the supermarket! Conclusion, always prefer to buy your vinegar in a supermarket than on the Internet.

Your turn…

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