10 Methods Consuming Beer Can Assist Save Your Life


2. Antiseptic

Beer has long been used as a home medicinal remedy due to its strong isopropyl alcohol, which gives it antiseptic properties. In fact, beer is so safe to use that you can clean a cut or scrape quite effectively. And hey, it also serves as a pain reliever.

3. Food

Beer is a good source of calories, which actually makes a bottle of beer a good food source. This is especially true for heavier stouts and porters which also pack a powerful nutritional punch – think Guinness and its high iron value and porter-style dark ales with hearty roasted malts and barley.

4. Strengthens bones

While drinking a few beers a week was linked to stronger bones in a Tufts University study; Consuming more than 2 drinks a day has actually been linked to bone deterioration and fractures. And the best beers for bone health are lagers, which serve up the richest source of silicon, renowned for its bone-building prowess.

5. Reduces Heart Attack Risk

While excessive alcohol consumption puts you at risk of weight gain and liver damage, a 2011 Italian study linked drinking a pint of beer daily to a reduced risk of around 35%, because beer stimulates HDL (or good) cholesterol which optimizes arterial function.

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