100 medium size haircuts for ladies


Having medium-length hair is one of the most popular styles for women. Indeed, failing to cut the hair very low or to have it too long, the mid-length fashion is a nice alternative. Its appearance does not date from today and despite its many years, it continues to impress on both sides. For one reason or another, a great enthusiasm is observed on both sides for such a hairstyle. Moreover, it is even possible to combine it with other designs for more elegance. You will see women opting for medium-length layered hair, while others prefer the tapered option. Don’t be surprised to see all three at once either. But no matter the choice, the elegance and charm of mid-length hair remains incredible and very attractive.

So, need to increase your power of seduction or want to attract the spotlight on you on a special occasion? If so, then you will need help to make a choice because of the vastness of existing models. Receive our help with our mid-length hair proposals that have absolute seductive power to offer you.

Why opt for a mid-length cut?

There are many reasons why women prefer to have their hair medium length. First, we have in the foreground its elegance, its aesthetics and its great charm. It’s the perfect choice for grabbing attention, without lifting a finger. It is a very simple art, but very effective. Then it is also a less bulky choice. You don’t need to have long hair to be very beautiful. With a nice cut at the shoulders or just below the ears will do well. Finally, the mid-length cut weighs less on the head. But of course, you will have to be able to make the right choice to take advantage of its advantages.

How to choose a mid-length haircut?

There are a large number of mid-length hair styles. Thus, you could easily make a mistake in wanting to make a choice. So, it’s best to have a few elements to rely on to make the right choice.

First, we recommend that you consider your preferences. It will be easier for you to get inspired by consulting a catalog for medium-length hair. But also, it is important to ask the opinion of those around you. It would also be more useful to take into account the shape of your face to make a better choice. However, the opinion of your hairdresser would also be very useful to you.

Is it a good idea to do your mid-length haircut yourself?

For a successful mid-length cut, there is a lot of information you need to know. Some professionals believe that the perfect mid-length cut must stop just at the shoulder. Others think it should be much shorter. Both opinions are valid and will have to be taken into account depending on the desired result. But, cutting your hair is no easy feat. It will be necessary to respect a perfect length to benefit from its assets. So, it is better to entrust this task to your hairdresser. This professional is able to respect your wishes and make a beautiful adapted cut. But if you are still struggling to make your choice, then these few ideas will be very useful to you.

1/ Tapered mid-length cut

For more charm, it is important to choose a more stylish cut that highlights your face. This hairstyle perfectly meets this expectation. But, a bit of black color would be even more suitable.

2/ Mid-length and smooth hair

Do you like to have your hair well cared for? Well here is a cut that respects your preferences. No need for fringes to benefit from its elegance, much less other mixtures of colors.

3/ A mid-length and straight cut

Make your face shine by adopting a fairly simple and very elegant cut. There is no doubt that you will wreak havoc by making this choice. But if you want, you can add a little more gray or blonde to it.

4/ A tapered and blonde haircut

This hairstyle is ideal, if you are looking for a style to lighten your head. Very light, but very elegant for a more casual style.

5/ Straight tapered with fringes

Hairstyles with fringes have the gift of rejuvenating their wearer. So this is the choice we recommend the most for your youth. However, a little black would not be too much.

6/ Tapered cut to the shoulders

This is a professional haircut for businesswomen. It’s a fairly simple style that doesn’t weigh down your head. You can even go pure black or a bit more blonde.

7/ Tapered in layers with pretend bangs

This is the ideal mid-length cut for the youngest. Even those in their thirties will be surprised at the charm of this choice.

8/ Tapered side cut

Make your face and eyes shine with a little more radiant style! Why not a little more blonde?

9/ Blonde mid-length pixie

Travel in style and elegance! But a bit of gray or black is not a bad idea.

10/ A special tapered choice with fringes

What a wonderful mix of colors for your hair. Be creative to stand out from the crowd!

11/ All-blonde mid-length pixie

Women in their forties will have more charm with this cut!

12/ Mid-length black hair with gray at the end

If you have a long face, then this is the perfect cut for you. It highlights yours, just like your eyes.

13/ Pixie swept back with gray

Elegance and a power of seduction: This is what you need.

14/ Mid-length on both sides

Aren’t you interested in this gorgeous hairstyle? Well, it’s a more suitable choice for round faces.

15/ Gradient and black

For an evening out, this hairstyle will do just fine. But, a little more addition of light colors will be even more perfect.

16/ Side-parted mid-length hair

What would you give for a funnier, neater hairstyle? It’s a pretty simple choice that’s definitely worth a shot.

17/ Simplicity at work

Lovers of simple fashion will be happy to discover the great class of this hairstyle. Plus, it’s less bulky.

18/ Gray plunging bob at the top and blonde at the bottom

The bob style is also one of the many hairstyles that you can choose for your beauty.

19/ A neat and stylish look

In terms of elegant hairstyle, the choices are obviously not lacking. But instead of a full blonde, a little more black or gray would do a lot better.

20/ A pro mid-length haircut

Professionals also have a wide choice at their disposal. Keeping it simple, but still beautiful is what you need!

21/ Mid-lengths with an effeminate look

What are you waiting for to increase your power of femininity? A simple hairstyle will give you a lot more than you can think of.

22/ Mid-length hair with a semblance of parting in the middle

This hairstyle is perfect for women with round faces. The hair is parted on both sides of the ears to reveal the beauty of the face. What ecstasy!

23/ Tapered look with fine hair

Eager to make your head a little lighter? No need to make all your hair disappear. Tapered fashion has plenty to satisfy you.

24/ Smooth blond bob

Dye your hair in blonde color, but on a bob is quite an ingenious choice. Very popular already, this hairstyle is enough to announce your grand entrance into a party.

25/ Smooth high bob with curls

Curls, bungee color and straight hair is what we offer you with this hairstyle. It is suitable for both professionals and women travelers.

26/ Pure and smooth black

You don’t necessarily need to choose a color that is too light to be satisfied. But a little gray will not be too much.

27/ Straight pixie with fringes

Let yourself be tempted by a younger and more ravishing hairstyle. Instead of this color, pure blond or gray in places will make a better design.

28/ Mid-lengths with curls and side parting

Curl your hair at the end, but go for a blonde color to make your face look cooler. But mixed gray is also a good idea.

29/ Mid-length for blondes

Blonde and need a suitable hairstyle? Here is the perfect choice!

30/ Plunging pixie with color mix

The pixie is more suitable for mature women. It is an incarnated perfection that has something to dazzle you.

31/ Blunt and smooth cut with fringes

If you like Asian cuts, then this one has something to charm you. It is a rather special cut for young people and offers them unparalleled elegance.

32/ Straight and tapered pixie

In the professional context, it is better to keep it very simple!

33/ A mid-length, all-black bob

Are you a fan of discretion? If so, then a hairstyle just might satisfy you. It is responsible and very simple fashion.

34/ Excellent camouflage for outings

Discretion is also required with this hairstyle which hides part of the face. It’s a perfect choice for your outings with friends.

35/ Layered hair with bangs

The bangs option is of particular interest to women. It is a more rejuvenating choice. But a bit of blonde color wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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