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What child or parent has never heard of the universe of disney. This timeless magic is world famous. The fantastic world of waltz disney celebrated its 120th anniversary this year. This tender-hearted man allowed us to grow up surrounded by characters from iconic cartoons or films. We can for example cite Mickeymuse of the parks Disneyland even today, the characters of Lion King or the captain Jack Sparrow. Over the years, disney has been able to diversify and regenerate to adapt to changes in society.

New works have therefore appeared on our screens. And new heroes have joined their ranks. We can talk about the studios Pixar or the license Star Wars. The animation studios of disney also continued their momentum by releasing films with new stories, new morals. How not to get attached to the different protagonists of these cartoons. Whether one is an adult or still in a young age, the magic remains the same throughout life. This is why the works of disney are faithfully copied by millions of fans. Whether in drawing, painting, music, everyone finds their way to express their creativity. We are going to tell you about the drawings related to the universe of disney.

The drawings of cult cartoons /

How not to talk about the cartoons that marked our childhood. Of Peter Pan and the imaginary country with the desert landscapes of the universe from Aladdin through the savannah of Lion King. Each person can find inspiration through each of the films of waltz disney. With classic designs, with fine curves and expressions relatively easy to imitate, you can use these designs already created to inspire you or simply to start.

Over the years, disney has been able to develop and continue to diversify. Of course, animated film production remains at the forefront of Disney’s strategies. On the other hand, we are also witnessing the development of New projects. We can speak in particular of films in  » live-action » which takes up the cartoons of our childhood in 3d film. With technologies constantly evolving, Disney has brought up to date some of its greatest hits, such as the Lion King for example.

That’s not all. Disney has continued to grow by acquiring world famous brands and universes. We can talk about the studios Marvel, Pixar or LucasFilm with the Star Wars sagas. This gives you access to a new wave of drawing inspiration. Indeed, the models present in the sagas Star Wars offers you a lot of diversity. You can choose characters, spaceships or the landscapes present in the films. the universe Pixar and Marvel also offers you a lot of possibilities. Who never wanted to meet Iron Man or Woody from Toys Story. While waiting to meet them in real life, you can draw them.

If you are lucky enough to visit one of the parks Disneyland, you can participate in class sessions to learn how to draw your favorite characters. Supervised by professionals in animation on the big screen, they will be able to give you advice on how to perfect your pencil strokes.

For the younger among us who grow up with different heroes, you can rely on the expertise of many artists to color drawings disney. You can also find your inspirations on websites or videos.

Feel free to color them however you like. For example, you can do so-called « strict » reprography. This relates to faithfully recreating the original artwork reusing the same colors, shading and correct proportions. Or, you can also let your imagination run wild by trying new color combinations, varying the intensity of the lines or even applying your own artistic style.

To draw your favorite heroes, arm yourself with a pencil and one page of paper. Start by drawing the outlines of your drawing. This will allow you to imagine the size of it. You can use a model already created or an image. You can also trace this model or simply the reproduce. When your outlines are drawn, you can start inserting details, clothes for the character for example. You can also add effects depth. Depth is essential with a drawing, it will mark the quality of the latter. You can apply it in several ways but the most common technique is shading. It will give an idea of perspective increased. You can choose whether or not to apply color. Put forward shades specific to the base design or create a new color palette. You are completely free. Now all you have to do is get started.

Here’s something to inspire you:

Here are some ideas for coloring drawings:

Little drawing series of our good friend Mickey

Our princesses:

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