100 prime Maori tattoo concepts for inspiration


the maori tattoo is a tattoo of Polynesian origin, it is the ancestor of tattoos as known today. It is an art that impresses with the density and complexity of the tattoo patterns, it is so complex that sometimes it can be confusing.

Maori tattoos are mostly geometric in shape, made of circles, friezes, triangles, lines, spirals, and flat areas. The whole forms symbols that have interpretation.

What do Maori tattoos symbolize?

Maori tattoos symbolize according to the pattern: protection, belonging to a family, a clan, a social rank or even a given territory.

Among this selection of 100 most beautiful Maori tattoos, you will necessarily find the one that suits you the most.

1. Pattern made on the shoulder.

Shoulder tattoos are often intended for warriors among the Maori.

2. A hammerhead shark tattoo.

This motif is very popular among the Maori. It is a marine animal that is very often found in the Polynesian coasts and which is often seen as a sacred animal.

3. Finger patterns.

This kind of pattern is more often requested more for beauty than for their meaning.

4. A color pattern on the shoulder.

Color patterns are very rare. The most used color in the Maori style is sky blue.

5. Thigh tattoo.

This is a pattern that is very often found in women but sometimes in men as well.

6. A pattern all over the bottom and the shoulder.

This warrior pattern is much more complete and extensive.

7. A pattern for women on the back.

Women too wear awesome designs like this back tattoo.

8. A tattoo of three hammerhead sharks.

This motif represents the cycle and eternity of this sacred animal.

9. Pattern all over the chest.

Very significant pattern, it represents the gaze of a dragon.

10. A representation of sharks.

Another way to pay homage to the deities is also to keep their representation engraved on the body.

11. A full arm and hip tattoo

12. Pattern surrounding the forearm

13. Pattern on the upper arm

14. Foot tattoo

15. Forearm tattoo

16. Pattern made on the arm and torso on the right side

17. Patterns made on the back.

18. Tattoo for women made on the waist

19. Representation of a motif of a stripe on the back

20. Large pattern done all over the back

21. Pattern covering the whole arm

22. Upper arm and shoulder tattoo

23. Maori pattern all over the right arm and shoulder

24. Elongated Foot Tattoo

25. Pattern on the shoulder and half of the upper arm

26. Pattern in the shape of a stripe on the back

26. Red-spotted tattoo on the shoulder

27. Hammerhead shark chest design

28. Arm shoulder tattoo

29. Pattern on the shoulder blade

30. Tattoo on the shoulder and part of the arm

31. Animal representation on the whole back

32. Pattern on half back, left arm and right elbow

33. Pattern surrounding the left forearm

34. Tattoo on left shoulder and half arm

35. Pointed Low Shoulder Pattern

36. Maori forearm tattoo

37. Tribal pattern on the stomach, chest and shoulder

38. Stingray pattern tattoo on upper back

39. Maori design on the arm

40. Tattoo surrounding the foot

41. Spiral shaped pattern on the torso

42. Round tattoo with fish design

43. Pattern made on the shoulder and arm

44. Foot Tattoo and Design Mockup

45. Stripe pattern on the back

46. ​​Pattern of a hammerhead shark in blue and black

47. Side lying tattoo

48. Large Maori tattoo on the shoulder

49. Pattern covering the right arm and torso

50. Tattoo along the right calf

51. Pattern of a calf hook

52. Large Maori tattoo covering the whole back

53. Pattern covering the whole arm

54. Maori tattoo along the calf

55. Stingray and Calf Fish Pattern

56. Sacred Maori tattoo of a hammerhead shark on the calf

57. Thigh Tribal Pattern

58. Polynesian tattoo on the forearm

59. Sacred Ray Pattern

60. Archangel tattoo on the shoulder

61. Maori vector tattoo

62. Maori tattoo on leg

63. Maori depiction of a foot hammerhead shark

64. Tribal pattern on upper arm and torso

65. Maori leg tattoo

66. Tribal pattern on the neck and shoulder

67. Maori tattoo on chest

68. Tribal pattern in the ribs.

69. Maori shoulder tattoo.

70. Subtle pattern all over the shoulder.

71. Pattern of a turtle’s chest.

72. Maori motif cuff.

73. A shark pattern.

74. Pattern of a calf turtle.

75. Full shoulder tattoo.

76. Subtle design on the shoulder.

77. Full shoulder tattoo.

78. The moko in the face.

79. A meaningful symbol on the arm.

80. Calf pattern.

81. Full back tattoo.

82. Pattern on the arm combined with a flower.

83. Tattoos on both calves.

84. Another pattern for calves.

85. Subtle pattern on the shoulder.

86. Tattoo for warrior.

87. A calf parting.

88. A shoulder mask.

89. A sun pattern on the shoulder and chest.

90. A snake in a tribal style.

91. A combination of several patterns.

92. Another pattern on the shoulder.

93. Pattern of a shark.

94. Tattoo of a Maori object.

95. Maori cuff.

96. Subtle pattern at foot.

97. Moko on the heel.

98. Maori women’s cuff.

99. Warrior tattoo.

100. Pattern on a woman’s leg.

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