100 high minimalist tattoo concepts


Hello girls, I show you in this article a collection of 100 beautiful minimalist tattoo ideas, both discreet and small for the most part, which can inspire you to make the right choice for a first tattoo, for example.

The minimalist tattoo is one of the best in terms of choice when it comes to getting your first tattoo because it allows you to express a simple or more complex idea according to your wish. Moreover, it is a very discreet tattoo and can be concealed easily.

On which part of the body can we make a minimalist tattoo?

What makes the minimalist tattoo special is its size, because being small it can be placed on small areas of the body such as the fingers of the hand, the back of the ears, etc. It also appears with the same beauty on other parts of the body such as the arm, ribs, back, thigh etc. Thus, on these different parts you are spoiled for choice among this incalculable number of feasible patterns.

What are the trendiest minimalist designs?

The catalog of minimalist tattoos is very vast and rich in patterns of all kinds. So you have the choice between geometric shapes, simple lines, pure patterns and even everyday objects. It is for this reason that we have selected the 100 best minimalist tattoos for you.

1. A pattern made behind the ears.

The star: fairly common choice, symbolizes hope and courage, illuminating us in the dark.

2. A design made on the wrist.

This pattern represents a broken heart mixed with an animal’s head which expresses pain and courage at the same time.

3. A tattoo done on the arm

Square spongebob and his friend tattoo. Perfectly suitable for anime lovers.

4. A geometric pattern made on the back.

A butterfly pattern in a geometric style that represents determination, strength, courage to pursue your dream in other words never give up.

5- A flaming heart tattoo on the arm.

This type of pattern represents a heart in flame, which means the ardor, the courage and the will to pursue what one undertakes mainly in love.

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6- A pattern made on the wrist.

This type of tattoo highlights a moon surrounded by flowers, which represents beauty and femininity in women.

7- Pattern on the wrist.

This motif represents two people, an elderly person and his child, which reveals the strength, the motivation, the paternal love.

8- A tattoo behind the ears.

The flower remains one of the most popular figures. Which reveals life, victory, marriage, death, vitality, youth and love in a woman.

9- A tattoo made on the foot.

The floral tattoo can have multiple meanings, in many cultures the flower is the sign of rebirth and for others it represents the central element of life.

10-A pattern made on the ankle.

This tattoo depicts a cat looking up which primarily symbolizes your love for cats, and signifies subtle strength, feminine power, success and blessing.

11- A flower motif and a word.

12- A tattoo of subtle patterns on the fingers.

13- A pattern of a cat on the moon.

14- A flower tattoo done on the back of the arm.

15- The portrait of a cat made.

16- An ankle tattoo.

17- A tattoo of two birds.

18- A compass in a minimalist style.

19- A music symbol tattoo

20- A heart pattern with footprints of a cat.

21- A pattern of a cat on the chest.

22- A travel tattoo.

23- Minimalist wolf tattoo.

24- Music symbol on the wrist.

25- Star signs tattoo.

26- Minimalist tattoo done on the arm.

27- A subtle pattern.


28-Neck tattoo.

29-Koi fish tattoo on the ankle.

30- Phrase on the neck.

31-Minimalist tattoo of a girl and stars.

32-Pattern made on the back.

33-Minimalist tattoo done on the finger.

34-Neck tattoo.

35- Minimalist triangle on the arm.

36- Subtle pattern on the fingers.

37-Winnie character tattoo.

38- A cat facing a glass.

39- Motif of a black cat on the wrist.

40- Ankle tattoo.

41- Pattern made on the back.

42-Travel tattoo.

43- Crystal ball tattoo in black white.

44-Tattoo of a dog on the arm.

45- A frog in front of a glass.

46-Minimalist neck tattoo.

47-Flower arm tattoo.

48- Mini turtles.

49-Word tattoo done on the arm.

50-Number and symbol tattoo.

51- Tattoo of a mini panda and a mini bear.

52- Star and moon tattoo on foot.

53- Tattoo of a subtle pattern

54- Ring tattoo.

55- Tattoo on the ankle.

56- Tattoo of a wolf in the full moon.

57- Tattoo of two hands.

58-Minimalist motif of a flower.

59- Flower tattoo made on the foot.

60-Tattoo of a black cat on the back.

61-Ankle tattoo.

62- Tattoo of a giraffe on the calf.

63- Minimalist tattoo along the back.

65- Mini realistic ankle tattoo.

66- Pattern made on the shoulder.

67-A little red heart..

68- A subtle pattern.

69- Tattoo

70- Footprint of a cat on the finger.

71- A dog.

72- Moon and sun tattoo.

73- A heart & a footprint.

74-Tattoo of an origami on the back of the neck.

75-Minimalist dragon tattoo.

76- Dotted wrist tattoo.

77- Pattern made on the arm.

78- Tattoo of an angel on the thigh.

79-Red ink butterfly tattoo.

80-Pattern at the ankle.

81-Kitchen patterns tattoo.

82- Finger line tattoo.

83-Tattoo of a small heart in black.

84- Tattoo of symbols on the arm.

85- Angel wings.

86- Subtle pattern on the wrist.

87-Tattoo on the back of the arm.

88- Tattoo done on the finger.

89- Realistic cat tattoo.

90-Lovers trip tattoo.

91- Tattoo of a mini flying bird.

92- Shell.

93-A dog motif and butterflies.

94- Tattoo on the arm.

95- A minimalist 3D pattern.

96-Tattoo with a heart and initials.

97-Dots tattoo on the arm.

98-A word and a symbol.

99-Tattoo of a snail on the ankle.

100-Word tattoo done on the ankle.

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