100 unimaginable concepts for having a well-organized kitchen


Hello girls, I have put together a collection for you with no less than 100 ideas of ingenious and unimaginable ideas that you can take inspiration from now to see what it is possible to do as storage in your kitchen to have an ever more kitchen. organized and with a style that you like even more.

When it comes to saving money while saving space in one of our favorite places in the house, we can all be delighted to find new ideas to try depending on the space we have in our home. the kitchen.

Whether with kitchen shelves that can be placed directly on the worktop or above the sink as well, or kitchen wall shelves as you will be able to find a good example in the first image of this collection. .

You will also find ideas for organizing your kitchen cupboards, whether with shelves to add directly to your cupboards or cupboard storage layout designs so practical that you will certainly want to take inspiration from them to do the your.

A metal kitchen shelf hanging on the wall

Here is a metal kitchen wall shelf that is not only very practical to use every day to store all your accessories but also very pretty to be in harmony with your metal cutlery among others.

A kitchen shelf placed on the sink

Here is an idea that will allow you to save space in the kitchen so that you don’t have all your plates, cutlery and utensils that you need every day lying around on your work surface.

One drawer with diagonal dividers

Ideal for storing kitchen utensils which are usually lying around on the work surface or loose in a drawer. With diagonally separated compartments, you will not only be able to store your largest kitchen accessories more easily without necessarily having a drawer that has a lot of depth, but also find a place for the smallest utensils whose shape is never easy to store.

Wall shelves for a nice, well-organized kitchen

Here is an example of the most successful and very simple to make kitchen wall shelving design from which you can draw inspiration to see the materials you need to build yourself this style of shelving and you will immediately have an idea of ​​how much it can cost and the time it may take to achieve as well.

A slippery shelf embedded in the wall

Here’s what you can do if you have a big enough space between two cupboards or in a corner of the kitchen. Design a shelf on rails that you can use to gain even more storage in your kitchen.

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