11 greatest vegan meal supply providers to strive in 2022


Why it’s worth it: The Territory has one of the best food selections available for its meal kits and works with nutritionists to develop options that meet 10 types of health-oriented diets including vegan, low carb, low fat. , keto, paleo, whole30, Mediterranean, and more. From vegan enchiladas to vegan smothered tofu cheese with mashed potatoes and gravy, the dishes are absolutely delicious, all prepared by chefs, and don’t skimp on flavor. Portions are healthy, filling, and include information on macronutrient ratios, portion sizes, and the exact ingredients that help streamline the process of mindful eating. The best part? For two meals given, the Territory will donate a third through its TerritorySERVES program as well as an ongoing partnership with Feed America.

Cost: Meals start at $ 10, sides start at $ 8, and market boxes start at $ 35.

Availablity: The territory delivers to major cities like DC, New York City, Philadelphia, large swathes of the east coast, as well as locations in major markets in California and Texas. Check your delivery options here.

Customer reviews: Absolute dream! The territory facilitates healthy eating. They have options for all dining styles… The algorithm matches you with certain meals based on your meal types and requests, but you can still swap things out, which I like because I’m very picky ! Meals arrive in a cardboard box with ice packs. And the packaging is recyclable! The meals themselves are even delivered in biodegradable containers (bye bye plastic). Meals almost always look like the photos and always taste delicious. –heater

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