11 Errors To Keep away from So You By no means Miss Your Cake Once more.


Especially when you are expecting guests.

But we have to admit it: when we get lost in a cake, there is a reason.

We have listed for you the 11 mistakes to avoid so you never miss your cake again. Look :

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1. The cake cracks in the middle:

– Temperature too high

– Too much flour or too much yeast

2. It has a bump in the middle:

– Oven too hot at the start of cooking

– Too much flour

3. The underside of the cake is too brown:

Cake mold too big or too deep, which prevents the top of the cake from browning

– Pyrex molds and dark colored molds absorb more heat: raise the rack of your oven

– Deformed mold, which causes uneven cooking

4. It sags:

– Temperature too low

– The oven door was opened during cooking

– Cake taken out of the oven too early

– Too much butter, sugar, baking soda or yeast

– Not enough flour

5. It is too grainy:

– Temperature too low

– The dough is too mixed

– Too much yeast or too much flour

6. It overflowed into the oven:

– Temperature too low

– Mussel too small

– Too much yeast or too much sugar

7. It is too hard:

– Temperature too high

– Not enough butter or sugar

– Too much flour

8. It is too « pasty »:

– Temperature too low

– The cake has cooled too long in the mold (the ideal is to unmold it as soon as it comes out of the oven)

9. It is not golden enough:

– Temperature too low

– The mussels are too close together during cooking

10. Edges have blackened:

– Oven overloaded

– Mold that touches the walls of the oven or another mold

11. The cake does not have enough volume:

– Temperature too high

Not enough yeast

– Cake dough too mixed

– Mold too large

And there you have it, you now know the mistakes to avoid so as not to miss your cakes again.

Simple, efficient and practical!

Ultimately, it’s not that complicated, is it?

All you have to do is find the recipe you need and cook for your family and friends.

Your turn…

Do you know other mistakes to avoid when making a beautiful cake? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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