11 Mosquito Repellent Vegetation You Ought to Have In Your Dwelling.


The problem is than repellents commercially available are loaded with chemicals…

Fortunately, there are several natural solutions to keep mosquitoes away and one of them is to use plants.

To fight against mosquitoes in the garden, here is 11 plants that will keep mosquitoes away from your home. Look :

1. Lemongrass

Is citronella effective in repelling mosquitoes?

And why not plant lemongrass in your garden? It is probably one of the best known mosquito repellents.

But did you know that lemongrass is also a plant that you can grow in your garden?

In addition, this plant that scares away mosquitoes is perennial: you can enjoy its benefits all year round.

Its lemony scent masks odors and repels mosquitoes.

Moreover, a tuft of lemongrass gives off much more fragrance than a product that contains lemongrass: it really is the right choice!

Lemongrass grows easily: its clumps can grow up to 2 m.

To enjoy it, you can put it in pots around your terrace.

Alternatively, plant lemongrass directly in the soil of your garden.

2. Lemon balm

Did you know that lemon balm is an effective mosquito repellent?

Lemon balm is extremely effective in repelling mosquitoes.

This plant is part of the mint family.

But you don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy lemon balm: it’s a resistant plant (even during drought or in the shade).

It spreads quickly: that is why it is advisable to grow it in flowerpots.

It is also easier to transport it.

As a bonus, its leaves give off a sweet, lemony scent. You can dry the leaves to make a delicious herbal tea.

3. Catnip (catnip)

Catnip gives off an odor that repels mosquitoes.

This aromatic plant contains a repellent oil for mosquitoes.

Moreover, a study concluded that catnip was 10 times more effective than products in commercial repellents.

This plant grows easily in gardens or in pots.

And there is a little bonus: your cats will also be able to enjoy it!

Indeed, cats love to roll in catnip.

So just be careful not to plant catnip next to your flowers, vegetables, or herbs, as cats may spoil them.

4. Worry

marigold mosquito repellent flower

Marigold contains pyrethrin, another ingredient found in commercial repellents.

Its brightly colored flower exudes a scent that repels insects.

It is also a magnificent flower: it perfectly embellishes the edges of your flower bed.

If you plant them all around your house, mosquitoes will leave you alone.

5. Basil

Did you know that basil can also repel mosquitoes?

It is a mosquito repellent that also appeals to people who like to cook.

Not only is it an effective repellent, but you can also use it to enhance your dishes.

Know that there are several varieties of basil.

Most gardeners believe that the best for repelling mosquitoes are lemon basil and cinnamon basil.

6. Lavender

How can we benefit from lavender as a repellent?

Everyone knows lavender for its pleasant scent with restful effects.

But do you know that it is also an effective mosquito repellent?

You can easily grow lavender on your windowsills, in pots, on your balcony.

To protect the garden from mosquitoes, plant some in your garden or your flower bed.

As a bonus, you can use its flowers to perfume the house or to prepare an herbal tea.

7. Peppermint

Peppermint smells good and repels mosquitoes.

Most insects hate the smell of peppermint.

Therefore, this plant is particularly effective in keeping mosquitoes away from your home.

As a bonus, it can also help you if, by some unfortunate chance, you get bitten.

Simply rub its leaves on the sting for instant relief.

Finally, its sweet minty scent is an ideal complement to dishes and cold drinks.

8. Garlic

Did you know that growing garlic keeps mosquitoes away?

Unfortunately, simply eating garlic is not enough to keep mosquitoes away.

On the other hand, cultivated garlic is an effective plant as a mosquito repellent.

Therefore, try planting garlic in your garden or vegetable patch, for even more protection.

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9. Pennyroyal

Do you know the repellent properties of pennyroyal?

This herbaceous plant gives a magnificent flower that repels mosquitoes.

But there are other benefits to planting them in your garden.

Indeed, pennyroyal is an ideal plant to use as ground cover.

If you like butterflies, know that they love this plant.

Pennyroyal is even edible: you can also use it to enhance your dishes.

10. Rosemary

Rosemary is an effective mosquito repellent plant

Rosemary is a beautiful plant with blue flowers. It goes perfectly with lamb or fish dishes.

But did you know that rosemary is also an effective mosquito repellent?

It is an essential asset for your garden: it repels insects and attracts butterflies.

And it’s so easy to cut a small branch to season your favorite dishes!

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11. Geranium

geranium is a good mosquito repellent

Geranium is an excellent choice for repelling mosquitoes.

This plant grows easily in hanging flowerpots.

The flowers fall naturally in a cascade: this makes a beautiful visual effect and an effective mosquito repellent.

There you go, you know the plants that repel mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes!

To complete the action of the plants, I also recommend this outdoor mosquito killer lamp which is very effective.

Your turn…

Do you know of any other natural mosquito repellents? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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