12 unhealthy habits which can be skyrocketing your electrical energy payments


Our daily lives are punctuated by our little habits that are often harmless. However, put together, some of them can make us lose a lot of money by weighing down our water or gas bills, but also our electricity bill. Fortunately, it’s good because they are harmless that they are also very easy to change once you realize it. Overheating, waste, improper use of devices, etc. Check Out All These Little Mistakes You Should Stop Making Today To Save Money!

1) Neglect the disconnection of devices on standby

Toaster, coffee maker, oven, microwave, multiple sockets, etc. Many devices are not necessarily used throughout the day. Nevertheless, even in standby, they can consume electricity. Just like the light to turn off when you leave a room, so you have to remember to unplug them. For more or less prolonged absences (during the day or over several days), also remember to unplug the WiFi box and the television.

2) Leave the charger plugged in

If the phone is recharged, you must unplug the charger. Otherwise, it continues to consume electricity!

3) Let the water boil in the open air

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A saucepan with a lid will take much less time to heat and boil. You can also consider insulating a pan with felt (non-flammable). This will allow the water to boil even faster.

4) Do not maintain the bulbs

Light bulbs can be changed and cleaned. Changing them allows you to opt for low-consumption bulbs that will provide you with the same quality and more durable lighting. If their cost is higher, these costs are then quickly amortized thanks to the savings made on the electricity bill. Once the bulbs have been changed, you must also remember to dust them with a simple dry cloth. Dust can indeed reduce the brightness!

5) take long showers

Of course, the shower is more economical and ecological than the bath. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the shower indefinitely. At least remember to turn off the water when soaping yourself! In the same vein, turn off the water while washing the dishes if you are not rinsing the plates and do not let the faucet run while you brush.

6) Turning off the heat during the day can also put a strain on electricity bills

heating radiator expenditure
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Do you turn off the heaters when you go to work? If this leaves a good intention, know that your radiators will have to use twice as much energy to restart and heat up quickly to reach the right temperature. This will therefore quickly increase the bill! Better to turn down the heat instead of turning it off completely.

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