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What does a country wedding table decoration inspire in you? A story worthy of pastoral poetry and the nature represented. Among the bouquets of flowers, pennants, raw materials and wooden furniture, the choice is difficult. Let yourself be guided by our table decoration ideas for your country wedding.

Indeed, a country wedding is a ceremony that takes place in the countryside. This location is just a constraint or you have chosen it out of love for nature. A U-shaped arrangement is to be avoided, as it is not user-friendly. In addition, to choose the positioning of your table, you must take into account the size of the head and the number of guests.

For a simple reception, here are some ideas to bring a country touch to your table decoration.

Install a flowery tablecloth on your country table

A country decoration requires a rustic style. The table decoration concerns that of the bride and groom which is placed in the center of the room and for the guests.

Put flowers on your rustic table

Flowers are essential for your table decoration. Indeed, whether the leaves are natural or artificial, scatter them on the table. Moreover, adding vases of flowers will give more effect.

Use logs

Natural and warm country table decoration elements. You can put the wooden logs in the center of the table. They can also be used as a towel.

Perfume the table with sprigs of lavender

To ensure the rustic side of your decor, lavender can be very useful. It is a plant whose leaves are aromatic and fragrant. In addition, it is very popular with the French. In the case of decorating your table, just put a few stems on it or in a nice aesthetic pot.

Beyond its good fragrance, lavender has many other virtues. Indeed, its benefits are:

  • It gives relief from a bee or wasp sting;
  • Act on stress and anxiety;
  • Used in a bath, lavender is relaxing;
  • Lavender calms coughs;
  • By depositing a few drops of essential oil on the ear, lavender helps to sleep;
  • Lavender can also be used against lice;
  • Calms the nervous system;
  • Good repellent for mosquitoes.

Use Vichy patterns to cover your tables

The Vichy fabric is cotton with check patterns. The colors often encountered are black, blue, red. They will make a good tablecloth.

Flowery crockery to decorate the table

The flowery tableware brings a touch of originality to your table. With porcelain as its base material, several models exist on the market.

Bring a touch of greenery to your country table decor

Add vegetal touches to your rustic table decor

Choose linen on your rustic table decoration

Opt for a natural decoration on your country table

Arrange bouquets of flowers on your rustic table

To decorate a country table, think of natural fiber table runners like a burlap or linen table runner, which will be particularly indicated. In particular, you can use burlap ribbons to decorate your vases, chairs or candle holders.

What type of table plan for a country wedding?

In the organization of the wedding reception, the layout of the tables is often a difficult point to manage. Here’s a guide to help you go faster.

  • Set the number of guests

Given the number of invitation cards you have distributed, the number of guests should be easily known. Afterwards, take into account the reception capacity of your place of reception. Make forecasts, because of absentees and unforeseen events. Once these steps are followed, you know exactly how many tables you need.

However, should the seats be allocated or should the choice be left to the guests? For free choice, everyone can spend the evening with the desired person. On the other hand, others may find themselves isolated, because they came alone and do not know anyone. If you impose a table, not everyone will appreciate the place assigned to them. Nevertheless, it allows for better organization.

  • Location of tables in the room

Place next to the music of young people, those who will benefit more from the dance floor. Likewise, children should stay away from the sound system and the kitchen. Note that older people don’t like to stay near music. In addition, sufficient space must be left between the tables to facilitate circulation.

How to place the guests around the tables? First of all, attention is paid to that of the brides. Afterwards, you should rank the people in order of importance. The head table is reserved for the parents and the witnesses of your marriage. Right next to those of immediately near importance.

Then the family members. The grandparents, and great uncles and aunts. The cousinsof the same age, as well as their partners. Then the table of children, friends and others.

  • Customization of tables

Remember that flowers are of paramount importance in the decoration of country weddings. Prefer field and wild flowers accompanied by ears of wheat, fern or heather.

In short, to make your country wedding table decoration a success, you install a flowery tablecloth. Then put the flowers and logs on the table. Perfume the table with lavender stems, you can also use the gingham patterns as a tablecloth. Above all, add flowery dishes to the table, etc. You have everything you need to have a chic table decoration for your country wedding. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments the ideas that inspired you.

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