12 straightforward methods to go to sleep quicker (folded in minutes!)


Sometimes we may feel exhausted and drowsy all day, but when it’s time to go to bed, we can’t sleep a wink. Eh yes! Despite the fatigue, we can still be haunted by stress, insomnia and heady thoughts that prevent us from sinking into the arms of Morpheus. Fortunately, sleeping pills aren’t the only option for getting quality sleep back. Sleeping well often just requires small adjustments and good habits. Discover some easy tips for you fall asleep faster. This will give you more time to rest before the fateful hour strikes to wake you up the next day!

Above all, think first of all about taking care of your hygiene of life. This involves banishing exciting drinks in the evening: sodas, caffeine (coffee and tea) and alcohol. To best respect your circadian rhythm and not disrupt your chances of sleeping well, also make sure to eat lighter in the evening, to stop using screens at least 1 hour before going to sleep to avoid exposing yourself to blue light and care for your environment to eliminate all lights and noise (devices on standby, etc.). Finally, avoid naps that are too late or too long (more than 30 minutes). Besides, follow these little tricks to fall asleep faster.

1) Drink cherry juice

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Many drinks can help you fall asleep faster. Naturally, drinks such as herbal infusions immediately come to mind (valerian, lemon balm, verbena, hawthorn, passionflower, lettuce, etc.), as does the famous banana infusion. However, a 2011 study showed that a cherry juice cure could improve sleep. This not only brings quality sleep, but also extends the duration of sleep. Morello cherries are particularly rich in melatonin, the sleep hormone.

2) Write what you think on a notebook

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It can be difficult to “clear your head” at bedtime. The feeling of anxiety is mixed with doubts and questions that can make our brains spin at full speed. And while it’s not a magic bullet, just taking the time to note their difficulties both personally and professionally on a notebook for about twenty minutes at the end of the day can help our subconscious to dissipate anxieties and put aside the little worries that keep us awake. We can take the opportunity here to identify “hypothetical” and “real” problems in order to better distinguish between things.

3) Listen to quiet music

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In April 2021, a study published in the Journal of The American Geriatrics Society explained that during their work, researchers had noticed that older people had better sleep when they listened to quiet music for thirty to sixty minutes before to go to bed. In addition to softening morals, music makes it possible to lower blood pressure and soothe the heart rate. It also helps to calm the breathing and reduce the feeling of stress.

4) Avoid overheating the room

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Certainly, the cold is not very pleasant to find sleep, but beware of excesses! In the evening, the body regulates its temperature and lowers it slightly in preparation for the night ahead. Also, overheating the room is not recommended, at the risk of causing nocturnal micro-awakenings. According to ADEME, it is better to keep the bedroom between 16 and 19°C. You can also sleep naked: this practice is very beneficial, and not only to reduce body temperature in order to sleep well!

5) A shower, yes, but not just anytime

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A hot shower in the evening before going to bed does not help you sleep well. To benefit from its power of relaxation without prevent the body from lowering its temperature to sleep well, it is therefore necessary to avoid showers that are too late. To be sure that this won’t prevent you from falling asleep quickly, space your shower at least 90 minutes apart from your bedtime. This way, your body temperature will have plenty of time to drop before it’s time to go under the sheets.

6) Do yoga to fall asleep faster

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In 2019, a study from the Journal of General Internal Medicine confirmed the benefits of yoga practice for falling asleep and quality of sleep. This work has highlighted several beneficial positions such as the posture of the child, the posture of the tree, the posture of the lotus, but also the posture of the mountain.

7) Work on your breathing to fall asleep quickly

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With sophrology, we can find sleep more easily. Indeed, controlling your breathing plays a essential role in oxygenation of the brain and our own body consciousness. With practice, breathing well helps in particular to better channel and control our thoughts as well as their effect on our body. This makes you feel more peaceful, which is conducive to sleep. Not long ago, we spoke to you, for example, of the “4-7-8” breathing cycle to fall asleep more quickly. This well-known technique can also be supplemented or replaced by the 365 rule (three times a day, get comfortable and breathe 6 times a minute for 5 minutes).

8) Sexuality to sleep well

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Having sex promotes the production of endorphins. This will give a feeling of well-being while reducing stress. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it…

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