12 Efficient Suggestions To Say Goodbye To Windshield Frost And Fog.


It’s true that it’s very annoying to lose 15 minutes each time.

And when finally we are installed in the car, it is the turn of the fog to get started…

Fortunately, we have selected for you the 12 best tips to get rid of frost and fog permanently.

And don’t worry, these effective tips won’t break your bank. Look :


1. Use half an onion

Tip to avoid frost on the windshield with an onion

This frost trick is definitely the most amazing on our list! Did you know that a simple onion cut in half can prevent frost from depositing on your car windshield? To do this, simply rub it on the windshield. Check out the trick here.

2. Use white vinegar

Use a mixture of water and white vinegar to prevent frost

White vinegar works wonders again… this time against frost. By using it the day before, it prevents frost from depositing on the windshield overnight. Mix one part white vinegar with three parts water in a spray. Spray the mixture on the windshield the night before. Result: no need to scratch in the morning! Check out the trick here.

3. Use coarse salt

the coarse salt put in a cloth helps to remove the frost on the windshield

You know the use of salt to melt snow. But do you know the use of salt to remove frost? Coarse salt in a rag passed over the frozen windshield… and the result is magical. Check out the trick here.

4. Use 90° alcohol

a mixture of water and alcohol at 90° melts the frost

No time to defrost the windshield every morning? Then this homemade anti-icing product is for you! Put 1/3 of water in a spray bottle. Fill it with 90° alcohol. Easy right? All you have to do is spray your mixture on the ice that covers your windshield. In a few seconds, it will be gone. Check out the trick here.

5. Use alcohol and newspapers

alcohol and newspapers prevent the formation of frost

This time, 90° alcohol is used as a preventive measure. Pour alcohol at 90° on a cloth and pass it on the outside of the windshield, in the evening and in the morning, every other day. With this trick, you won’t have any traces of frost on your windshield!

You can also lay newspaper sheets on the windshield to protect it from icing. With these two devices, you are sure that your windshield will not freeze. And it’s handy for recycling your old newspapers 😉 Discover the trick here.

6. Use an anti-icing tarp

the anti-frost cover protects the car from frost

Prevention is always better than scratching in the morning in the cold! To avoid starting the day this way, the anti-frost tarp is your best friend. It lands on the windshield the day before. No need to worry about rubber bands! The magnets with which it is equipped adhere to the car easily. And in the morning, just remove it to discover a windshield without any trace of frost. Check out the trick here.

7. Use a kitchen spatula

a silicone spatula to defrost the windshield

The day before, you forgot to put on your anti-icing product or your tarpaulin. As a result, in the morning, the windshield is covered with frost. No squeegee or de-icing product? Fortunately, there is still a solution. The spatula! Yes, a silicone kitchen spatula will allow you to scrape the windshield. Cover it with a piece of cloth or paper towel before scraping so as not to scratch the windshield. Failing that, a loyalty card can also help you out. Check out the trick here.

8. Prevent wipers from sticking

Put alcohol on the wipers so they don't stick

When the windshield freezes… usually the wipers stick to the windshield! To avoid this problem, wipe a cloth dampened with alcohol on the windshield wipers. Even with negative temperatures, they will not stick to the windshield. Check out the trick here.

9. Use homemade windshield washer fluid

homemade windshield washer fluid to prevent frost from forming

To prevent the windshield wipers from freezing, some also recommend filling the windshield washer fluid reservoir with 2 tablespoons ofmethylated spirit mixed with 6 drops of dish soap and 1/2 liter of water. Check out the trick here.

To prevent the windshield wipers from freezing, you can also fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a mixture of 50% methylated spirit and 50% Windshield washer fluid.

10. Use dish soap

a mixture of washing up liquid and alcohol to prevent freezing

A mixture of70° alcohol and dishwashing liquid in a sprayer forms a formidable barrier against frost. You generously spray your product on all the windows of your car the day before and in the morning, you are calm. No frost! It also works with 50° alcohol but not as well. Check out the trick here.


11. Use cat litter

put a sock filled with litter in the car to prevent frost

Amazing isn’t it? This trick is particularly effective in absorbing the fog that forms in the car. Because once you’ve defrosted your windshield, you’re usually entitled to fog on the windshield! To stop fogging, fill a sock with litter and place it under the windshield. Goodbye fog! Check out the trick here.

12. Use Silica Sachets

silica bags absorb moisture in the car

These little sachets of silica found in parcels are a formidable weapon against fogging. Place a few under the windshield and fogging will be just a bad memory! Check out the trick here.

There you go, with a little organization and a few homemade tricks, you’ll save time and money. Without getting tired! And if you are still looking for an anti-frost squeegee, I advise you this one is of excellent quality.

bonus tip

To prevent frost from forming on the windshield at night, here is a really amazing, but very effective grandmother’s trick.

Take a potato and cut it in half. Pass the cut surface of the potato on the windows of the car, without forgetting of course the windshield.

Wondering how it works? It’s simple ! The potato leaves a thin film of starch on the glass surfaces and this prevents frost from forming.

Your turn…

Have you tested one of the anti-freeze solutions for your car? Let us know in the comments if they worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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