12 fortunate vegetation to have at dwelling to draw luck


Indoor plants are ideal for decorating an apartment, and bringing a little life and color into our daily lives. However, these plants also have many extraordinary virtues. Very often, indoor plants can, for example, help clean up the surrounding air. However, some are also more particularly known to bring good luck and help us to have a harmonious interior. They are therefore perfect to have to feel good in your cocoon. But what are the most notable lucky plants? Discover those to adopt according to Feng Shui art to bring positive energies, calm and serenity to your home.

The essential lucky plants

1) Philodendron monstera

monstera deliciosa lucky plant
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This beautiful, tropical looking and attractively leafy plant is known to bring both good health and wealth. What bring a touch of tropical jungle exoticism in your interior while killing two birds with one stone.

2) The orchid

pink orchid
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Phalaenopsis flowers always amaze us at the time of flowering. However, this plant does not only have unparalleled elegance. Indeed, it also symbolizes beauty, purity, abundance, fertility and spirituality. It is also a purifying plant that cleans the ambient air andattract positive energy. The orchid also helps to promote their circulation in the air.

3) The spatiphyllum

spathiphyllum moonflower or peace lily plants sleep well bedroom
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The spatiphyllum is also known by the nickname of peace lily, a name that suits it perfectly! Indeed, the one that is known to be one of the best depolluting plants has the property ofbring peace and love to a home. The moonflower is also excellent for circulating good vibes and promoting spiritual fulfillment.

4) Pothos

golden pothos
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Pothos, also known as devil’s ivy, is a depolluting plant that has the particularity of bringing luck. Indeed, equipped with its beautiful oval leaves and drooping stems, it allowsbring both happiness and money in a house.

5) Bamboo

bamboo among lucky plants
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The bamboo is THE lucky plant par excellence in feng shui. Not content with bringing luck and money, it also repels negative vibes. Be careful, however, to check the number of stems. Indeed, traditionally, it takes 3 stems for happiness, 5 for health, 7 for wealth and 8 for prosperity!

6) The pilea

pilea among lucky plants
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Also called “money plant”, the pilea is a very charming plant that brings prosperity and money to its owner. Impossible not to fall in love with its pretty little round leaves, the shape of which is obviously reminiscent of coins!

7) The pachira

pachira money tree among lucky plants
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The pachira or “money tree” is a very decorative tropical plant known for attract wealth and luck. Indeed, legend has it that a poor Taiwanese farmer made a fortune selling this plant, convinced that the fact of having discovered it represented a good omen.

8) The Jade plant

crassula among lucky plants
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As well called “Jade plant” as “plant of wealth” or Crassula ovata, this succulent plant is pledge of prosperity for the household that decides to adopt it! To top it off, it also has very effective purifying and purifying properties.

9) Sage

sage among lucky plants
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Sage eliminate negative emotions that can befall a household (anger, stress, fear, anxiety, etc.). Moreover, it is well known that burning dried sage leaves indoors helps purify the indoor air and chase away harmful waves and negative energies. It is THE useful and delicious plant to grow for use in the kitchen and feel calm.

10) The Indoor Palm Tree

chamaedorea elegans indoor palm depolluting plants
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As one of the purifying and depolluting plants, the palm eliminates harmful particles in the dust. However, its benefits do not stop there! This popular indoor plant also allows attract positive energy. Thus, in addition to making us feel a real change of scenery, it is also excellent for morale. Why deprive yourself of it?

11) Snake Plant

Sansevieria trifasciata mother-in-law's tongue depolluting plants
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Sanseviera trifasciata is also commonly nicknamed “snake plant” because of the shape of its leaves. It detoxifies the house thanks to its foliage which absorbs carbon dioxide. Moreover, it also acts as a protective plant that keeps negative energies at bay. To reinforce its positive vibration, do not hesitate to find a sunny location in your house.

12) Tulsi

tulsi among lucky plants
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Originally from Asia, this cousin of basil is considered a very powerful lucky charm that eliminates all negative energy and stimulates positivity while purifying the environment in which it is placed.

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