12 makes use of to wash EVERYTHING round the home


Flour is an essential ingredient in the kitchen that we always like to have in our cupboards to make cakes, pancakes and desserts or to start preparing a béchamel sauce to coat the evening meal. However, did you know that just like cornstarch, flour can also be used to scour and shine all the surfaces of the house, thus easily replacing many household products that clutter up the space under the sink? ? This amazing particularity is due to the fact that this natural, inexpensive and biodegradable culinary ingredient has excellent absorbency, which is very useful for cleaning. It also benefits from a notorious repellent effect against a number of harmful insects and it can be combined with ecological household products (bicarbonate of soda, etc.) to perfect its cleaning power.

Find out how to clean with flour.

1) Flour: THE secret to easily cleaning a fryer

deep fryer frying oil french fries
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Its absorption power is ideal for combating oily residues that make cleaning difficult. All you have to do here is sprinkle it directly on the walls of the fryer, which has been emptied beforehand. Then let it sit for a bit. absorb as much oil as possible and wipe with a cloth or paper towel to remove flour clumps. You will then only have to pass a little sponge with a degreasing dishwashing liquid (or black soap!). This trick also works to clean a waffle maker whose plates are not removable. Flour will do most of the maintenance work.

2) Clean an oil stain with flour

oil stain on clothes
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Whether on clothing or carpet, it is not always easy to remove oil stains. Against these stubborn stains, however, we can using a powder to help absorb fat. And if the land of Sommières is a champion in all categories in this area, the flour (or talc) that is easily found in our cupboards can do the trick perfectly. To do this, however, you must act quickly, when the stain is still fresh. Immediately sprinkle some flour on it and leave to act for at least an hour. Then, brush off the flour and proceed with cleaning and stain removal as usual.

3) A good way to eliminate cockroaches

cockroaches cockroaches
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Flour cleans up, and not just because it has so many amazing household uses! Indeed, we can also use it to eliminate cockroaches by mixing a little in a cup with plaster (or baking soda) and powdered sugar. Then, we place several cups on the passage areas and let the magic work. With this simple, but devilishly effective poison, cockroaches just have to watch out…

4) An ingredient to scare away ants

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You may already know the trick of making a chalk line to prevent ants from passing. Well! you can do the same with flour placed on the ground by forming a line to create a natural barrier against these small animals. If that’s not enough, add a little clay: these critters will no longer circulate.

5) Flour to clean the blood

blood stain
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Flour is one of the unusual but effective grandmother’s tips for removing blood stains from a mattress or even clothing. However, it must be used on a blood stain still fresh for maximum efficiency. To do this, sprinkle white powder on the stained area, then let it dry. Then, rinse thoroughly with cold water (never hot water on the blood!).

6) An ally against red wine stains

tablecloth red wine stain
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Traditionally, it is often advised to use salt to remove wine stains. However, it tends to set the pigments of the stain, making it difficult to remove. As for white wine, it works well, but you don’t necessarily have an open bottle on hand… Fortunately, everything can be solved with a packet of flour! All you have to do is sprinkle it on the stain as quickly as possible and let it sit. This will then form a wet paste. All you have to do is brush the fabric and clean it to complete the stain removal. Thanks to the flour, most of the stain will already be gone.

7) Flour to clean the sink or worktop

stainless steel sink cleaning clean with flour or baking soda
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As soon as an oil stain appears somewhere in the house, sprinkle some flour on it to absorb it effortlessly (and without any green paper towels!). Then just wipe with a soft cloth to finish cleaning without scratching the treated surface. Used on a sink (avoiding throwing it down the drain to limit the risk of a clog), this trick will also allow you to polish stainless steel to give it maximum shine. You can also use it to make kitchen or bathroom faucets shine. To do this, apply a little of this white powder to a microfiber cloth and rub the faucets with gentle circular movements.

8) The unusual trick to clean the toilet

cleaning clean toilet wc
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Here’s another tip from grandma very unusual, but proven among those who have tried it on the very dirty bowl of their little corners. To clean the toilets with flour, however, you must also provide citric acid (which you can possibly replace with lemon juice or warm white vinegar). Here we are going to moisten the walls of the toilets, then sprinkle flour on them. It will then be necessary to mix 1 liter of water with 3 tablespoons of citric acid in a spray bottle and spray this mixture over the entire surface to be treated. Finally let it act all night before rubbing and flushing. Sparkling cleanliness guaranteed!

9) Flour to clean rust

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It is not uncommon to find rust on metal objects, especially on old silverware. However, it is possible to polish it with a mixture of one glass of white vinegar, another of flour and half a glass of fine salt. Then, gently rub this paste on the dull and rusty areas. All you have to do is polish with soap and water for a perfect result.

10) To absorb moisture in furniture

baking soda
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While it is not uncommon to use bowls of rice, charcoal or gum arabic, you can also put mustard flour in bowls to absorb moisture in a closet or drawer. This will limit the formation of mold in your furniture. Just be sure to replace the flour occasionally to keep it effective.

11) Flour for dry cleaning laundry

laundry basket
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Not all clothes can go in the washing machine. In this case, it is mandatory to go through a dry cleaning. Nevertheless, it is never very pleasant to have to make a detour to the dry cleaners, especially since it has a cost. Fortunately, he is possible to dry clean a garment at home thanks to this trick: put several handfuls of flour in a plastic bag, then add the garment. Close the bag tightly and shake vigorously. Finally, take the garment out of the bag and shake it to remove the flour. If necessary, give the textile a brush stroke to complete the cleaning.

12) A solution to maintain copper

Not sure how to clean copper? Try the flour! Simply sprinkle it on a cloth and gently rub the metal. If it is very dirty, make a paste with flour, white vinegar and coarse salt in equal quantities. Apply everything to the copper and leave to act before rinsing.

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