13 concepts for nook sinks with storage for small bogs


Do you want to enhance the decoration of your bathroom? Small bathrooms are no longer on their own. Multiple sink designs that save space have been introduced, little by little, with an aesthetic and functional appearance, to say the least, uncluttered! Washbasins are no longer confined to the sterile whiteness of their predecessors, instead they are able to include bold colors and shapes in a way that makes life easier for users.

These simple yet functional sinks are one of the many designs that one can choose from. A sink placed in a corner is known as an angular sink. Small bathrooms, where every inch counts, greatly benefit from the space-saving advantages of these sinks.

Because they allow you to store things in their built-in cupboards, these models are a very efficient way to save space. It is possible to use this storage space to accommodate a huge range of useful items, which would not have been possible otherwise.

This angular washbasin model is even less widespread than the other levers mentioned above, despite the many advantages it has. This compact and ergonomic model is indeed a centerpiece of a bathroom that attracts attention and gives a certain individuality and character to the space.

This sink is not suitable for all types of bathrooms. Be sure to think carefully about the installation of this hooked lever, to ensure that the weight of the latter does not risk exerting any pressure on the wall. However, it is important to note that in terms of space, it also remains an optimal choice.

Vessel sinks have had a major influence on the design world over the past few years, and this sink is living proof of that. Wealthy people with accentuated tastes can opt for this refined model. It includes two drawers for optimal storage.

This is essentially a sink that is fixed to the floor. A specific piece of hardware covers the material of the sink from the outside, making the storage pedestal and sink appear as one.

This wall-mounted corner sink is estimated to be more popular due to its streamlined and space-saving design. In addition, it allows unprecedented storage, and gives the user ergonomic accessibility to the various stored objects.

This angular sink will make you fall in love at first sight with its affordable price, trendy, luxurious and contemporary style. The money you save can be used to upgrade your bathroom and toilet and make it more opulent.

This is one of the smallest and most compact angular washbasins. However, beware! It is no less functional than the others. On the contrary, this angular and wall-mounted washbasin allows, as strange as it may seem, to store a wide range of objects.

When you see this angular sink, you quickly realize the genius of the designer who designed it. The woody materials used in the storage cabinet give this angular sink a rustic yet vintage feel.

This angular washbasin is ideal to install in children’s toilets. Indeed, with its low height, its eloquent posture and its geometric shape which tends towards the square, this washbasin remains a choice that is both economical and functional.

The choice of a sink is more an aesthetic decision than a utilitarian one… In truth, sinks are becoming more and more fashionable, but in terms of aesthetics, they are the most sought after. Combined with the right furniture, this angular washbasin enriches its surroundings. It also features storage space below as well as outside!

The azure blue color of this washbasin makes starting your day by washing your face on it a real pleasure. The aesthetic appearance of this washbasin is proof of accentuated creativity. The associated storage space is also a huge space saver. One stone, two shots!

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