14 cool Christmas tree ornaments constructed from scrap supplies


Christmas is approaching slowly, but surely. We therefore enter a waiting period that is often a little stressful (the race for gifts, the organization of parties, etc.). However, the moments leading up to Christmas can also be enjoyable, especially because it is the moment when you bring out all the decorations to give your interior a more festive appearance. To get in the mood, you can install the Christmas tree in particular. However, the latter is not the most ecological, we can nevertheless decide to decorate it differently. To change garlands and plastic ornaments, you can make pretty decorations yourself. And when it comes to creating DIY ornaments, there is nothing better than reclaimed materials. Discover some nice examples in this list for a greener and zero waste tree !

1) Makeover the balls of other years!

From one year to the next, one can tire of its Christmas tree ornaments. We end up throwing them away and redeeming them ad infinitum. What if the solution was to simply repair or redecorate them instead of always over-consuming? For example, you can repaint them with your kids to give them a new look and a new color. Alternatively, you can apply glue to them before dipping them into a bowl of multicolored or shiny glitter or confetti. Enough to renew your collection without spending too much!

2) Revalue the fabric scraps to make beautiful decorations …

… Or use clothes you thought were throwing away! Wool, felt, cotton, jeans, etc. With a little bit of garnish you will create some really sweet DIY ornaments.

3) Use the toilet paper rolls to create funny characters

Colorful elves, reindeer, Santa Claus, Olaf’s Snow Queen… Let your imagination run wild in the creation of your little characters! You can also make star shapes.

4) make funny guys with beer caps

5) Try your hand at Christmas tree ornaments made of wool yarn

Besides the pom poms of all colors and crochet creations, you can dip your yarn in white glue and shape it. You can wrap it around an inflated balloon for a round shape or dare more complicated shapes like below. Before it dries, consider sprinkling your ornaments with some festive biodegradable glitter.

6) Fold pretty origami with sheets of paper lying around the house

7) Give your bulbs an unusual second life by transforming them into Christmas tree ornaments!

A little paint, a pinch of creativity and an afternoon dedicated to it should be enough to recycle light bulbs in a unique way!

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