14 Gown Guidelines Everybody Ought to Know (To Make a Good Impression).


Indeed, the clothes we wear play a major role in the image we give.

The proof, the slightest defect in clothing, is obvious.

Whether it’s a first date, a job interview or even a business meeting…

First impressions play a vital role when meeting someone for the first time!

Luckily, there are easy-to-follow dress rules for both women and men.

They allow you to dress well in all circumstances, including in business.

Here is 14 dress codes you need to know to make a good impression. Look :

1. The middle button of your jacket should remain closed. The top one depends on your mood. And the bottom button should never be closed.

What buttons should you fasten on a suit jacket?

2. If you are wearing a shirt or blouse, never unbutton more than 2 buttons

Which shirt buttons should women fasten?

3. Never wear more than 2 jewels. For example: earrings + bracelet. Or: necklace that goes with a ring.

Do not put more than 2 jewels for a single look.

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4. The tip of your tie should come up to your belt and just past the buckle

What is the correct length for a tie?

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5. Mini-skirt or neckline? Choose one. But never put both at the same time… It’s more vulgar than sexy.

Can you wear a miniskirt and a neckline at the same time?

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6. No need for a tie if you’re not wearing a jacket

Don't wear a tie if you're not wearing a suit jacket.

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7. At work, a neckline should not go lower than 10 cm from the collarbone

What is the right neckline length at work?

8. Put on a belt when you tuck your shirt into your pants

Should you tuck your shirt into your pants if you're not wearing a belt?

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9. If you wear low-rise pants, avoid showing bare parts. Instead, put a top under your cardigan.

How to wear low rise pants?

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10. Your belt should always be the same color as your shoes

The shoes and the belt are always the same color.

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11. Before wearing a new suit, always remove the sleeve tag

Don't forget to remove the label on the sleeve of your new suit.

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12. Avoid wearing too many patterned clothes. If you want to put 2 different ones, the patterns must be the same color.

Avoid mixing patterns that are too different.

Or if the patterns are similar they must be of different sizes.

13. Your socks should be long enough to cover your calves when you’re seated.

What is the correct sock length?

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14. Don’t wear a top with spaghetti straps at work. Instead, put on a sleeveless blouse that covers the shoulders.

Can you wear a top with spaghetti straps at work?

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Your turn…

Do you know any other dress code for the professional world? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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