14 concepts for a Christmas aperitif that’s as stunning as it’s scrumptious


The reunion around the meals of the end of the year celebrations are among the most anticipated moments of the year. At Christmas as for the New Year, it is therefore a pleasure to look for ideas for menus and traditional or creative recipes to impress your guests and delight their taste buds for a tasting and a moment of successful sharing. From the aperitif to the Christmas biscuits to accompany the hot chocolate, passing through the main course and the dessert, the whole menu is then very carefully studied for a magical festive meal. However, the pleasure is only increased tenfold when the presentation is also neat and dazzles the eyes! Also, discover some beautiful ideas for appetizers to slip on a festive table that are as beautiful as they are good.

Whether you decide to eat smoked salmon toast, verrines of prawns and avocado or scallops as an aperitif, a capon with morel sauce or guinea fowl with foie gras as a main course or even a log of chestnuts or chocolate for dessert, you will certainly bring a touch of magic with these original, delicious and easy to make party appetizer ideas. Something to accompany your homemade Christmas decorations with elegance!

1) If you like it, think about mini-pizzas for a successful aperitif

Here, we find an aperitif in the shape of Santa Claus boots as a cute nod to the celebrations in progress. However, you can give free rein to your imagination and go for other festive shapes: snowmen with eyes and smiles made of olives, fir trees with garlands of cheese and capers as balls, etc. Everything is allowed !

2) Airy aperitif trees with this beautiful dressing

A toothpick as a topper, a cherry tomato or a piece of chorizo ​​or sausage as well as pretty strips of seasonal vegetables will give you very pretty trees all in height.

3) Very crunchy characters in eggs or mozzarella balls

Create adorable characters from scratch and give them life with olives, peppercorns, carrot hats, parsley arms, etc. In short, a bit of everything you have in the kitchen according to what your creativity dictates!

4) An ideal aperitif tree for Christmas or the New Year

Cut a dough into the shape of a fir tree, then brush it with green pesto, red pesto, garlic and herb/salmon cheese, etc. Then, cover with a second dough and cut strips all along. All you have to do is twist these strips and put them in the oven at 180°C to brown your tree.

5) Garnish slices of sandwich bread, make strips and roll everything up to form a tree

For the garnish, treat yourself: sausage, ham, cheese, salmon, fresh cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, rillettes, etc. What matters is how it will be presented. Eh yes! small details can be eye-catching.

6) The cookie cutters are celebrating!

You do not want to take your head? To add a little extra to your festive aperitif without spending hours on it, cut the bread used to make your toast in the shape of a fir tree or a star using a cookie cutter. Then, garnish everything as you wish! Here, we like this very crispy and appetizing mini-croque version.

7) Trees mounted on sticks to impress your guests

Here, we combine several layers of toast garnished with cream cheese, mayonnaise, ham or egg for a combination of sweet and successful flavorsand a presentation that throws!

8) A starry aperitif on your Christmas table

On a shortcrust pastry, spread cream cheese and cut. Then, garnish with salmon, olives, cherry tomatoes or even cheese and put everything to brown in the oven at 180°C for about fifteen minutes.

9) Crispy Christmas trees

Cut thin strips in your puff pastry, then add a slice of cheddar cheese and ham, spinach pesto or raw ham strips that you sprinkle with parmesan. Then, place everything on a skewer, forming a fir tree (wider at the base). Brown everything gently in the oven.

10) An ideal Christmas aperitif when you receive people

Line a cardboard cone with foil and prick it all the way with cubes of cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, etc. Your guests will just have to help themselves! And if you receive few people this year, prefer to opt for a smaller tree.

11) Bring your sliders to life with pretzels to form antlers

For the eyes, use circles cut from slices of cheese and use tapenade to draw the pupils. Finally, an olive or a tomato can be used for the nose!

12) Melting fir trees for your Christmas aperitif

These pita bread fir trees with my green hummus are sprinkled with pomegranate. In addition, they have pretzel sticks as a trunk. What to have fresh and easy to make Christmas appetizer !

13) Creamy Zucchini Christmas Appetizer

Cook the zucchini, then cut it into slices. Prepare the assembly by adding a cheese mousse alone or with tuna crumbs for even more flavors. Finally, don’t forget to sprinkle sesame seeds or Espelette pepper for decoration.

14) No time to cook? In this case, play once again on the presentation!

Alternate slices of sausage, cheese and/or tomato slices for create a candy cane shape. Your guests will just have to draw!

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