14 indoor exercise concepts to maintain your youngsters busy


Whether during the weekend or on the occasion of the holidays, the weather is unfortunately not always good. So, of course, a bit of rain and cold doesn’t prevent you from walking outside. However, it is always more pleasant to play outside when the weather is nice. When the weather is gloomy, we often find ourselves cloistered inside and in these conditions, boredom is never far away! Fortunately, there are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy indoors when the weather is cold and rainy. What to spend a little and have a good time with family gathered around a game created by us.

With a little imagination and crafts to be done together, we can indeed quickly develop very fun games, and this, most often with equipment that we have at home. Here are some very fun and original ideas that will delight the whole family! Also remember that we have shared many original recipes: non-toxic slime, natural modeling clay, magic sand, etc. There is also plenty to do to amuse your little budding artists and make them ‘get their hands dirty’.

1) Create amazing obstacle courses

Your children will be able to put themselves in the shoes of real spies who decipher secret codes and try to pass a course without setting off the alarm!

2) Think big with a beautiful race course for small cars

Whether it’s drawing a large course on the ground with adhesive tape or organizing wild races with cardboard, the possibilities are almost endless!

3) Mini-golf always hits the mark

This childishly simple game will appeal to the whole family. With cardboard and more or less large holes, collect the maximum number of points thanks to your address!

4) An aiming game with paper plates and recycled rollers

We start by decorating beautiful cardboard crowns. Then, you can have fun practicing aiming vertically erect rollers. And obviously, the further you aim, the more points you earn!

5) Another aiming game, this time with paper airplanes

Who will make the most beautiful plane? Who will be able to throw it well? With this very simple activity idea, you will have enough to spend an exciting afternoon!

6) A few balls and baskets are enough to start a fierce competition

Here you can play on baskets arranged at different distances and even take baskets of different sizes unearthed all over the house. The smaller and more distant ones will certainly be the most difficult to aim for, but also the most fun to reach and the ones that will bring in the most points.

7) You can also do the same thing with colored baskets

Red in red, blue in blue… This very visual game of skill will certainly please your little ones!

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