15 meals which can be forbidden for chickens


Many French people are tempted and adopt laying hens. In addition to the promise of good fresh eggs almost all year round, this adoption makes the garden more lively for the greatest pleasure of the whole family, and especially the children. Easygoing and sociable, these brilliant gallinaceans do not fail to amuse the gallery. The hen is also highly prized for its droppings which enrich the soil in the garden which it also likes to weed. This garden helper also enjoys small pests that attack the vegetable patch and plants (parasitic insects, slugs or snails). But above all, chickens help us reduce our food waste, and therefore waste, by nibbling on leftovers. For their health, however, do not confuse them with table trash cans! Certain foods can indeed make the hens very sick, and we list them for you below.

What foods can you give to chickens?

chicken hen
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The hen is omnivorous and needs protein, vitamins and trace elements to grow well. This is good, because it can also help us reduce our food waste. Indeed, the hen can consume:

-Natural yogurts and leftover cheese
–Oyster shells (rich in iodine and calcium, they are very useful to help grind the seeds in their gizzard and to stiffen the shell of the eggs)
-Raw or cooked vegetables, but always unsaltedincluding turnips, cabbage, lettuce and spinach
-Peels from most fruits and vegetables
-Pieces of bread in small quantities

Remember, however, that these foods are not as a supplement to grains and crushed cereals. These must absolutely be the basis of their diet to ensure optimal health. To avoid diseases, also be sure to banish the foods below for your hens.

Foods prohibited for chickens

1) Beware of raw potatoes and potato peelings

These foods can be very bad for chickens.

potato potato
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2) The skin of some fruits is not good for chickens

The peel of citrus fruits, bananas or even kiwis should not be left within reach.

banana peels
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3) Salty food is forbidden for hens

A high salt content can be very bad for their health!

pink himalayan salt to season or calm a migraine
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4) Coffee and coffee grounds are both dangerous for gallinaceans

There are a thousand and one ways to recycle coffee grounds (especially in your pipes), but throwing them in the chicken pen is not one of them!

ground coffee to repel wasps
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5) Raw meat is not recommended for chickens

beef raw meat
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6) Never give them expired food

Again, don’t confuse the chicken pen with a makeshift trash can. Just because they eat leftovers doesn’t mean stale, moldy, or spoiled food is good for them. These foods can make them very sick! Note in passing that moldy bread is housed in the same boat.

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