15 concepts for house halloween decorations


All Saints’ Eve is an opportunity for you to put your imagination to the test through halloween decorations. The mystical decoration is the main element highlighted on this special day. The idea is to scare children with ugly and monstrous disguises. The pumpkin being the center of interest of the decor, it is used in all its forms. So how do you decorate your home to scare your guests? This article brings together some fifty ideas for halloween decorations to invite you to decorate your home appropriately.

Use wine or champagne bottles as candlesticks

Collect empty champagne or wine bottles to make candlesticks. Any type of bottle will do. Then, light candles above the bottles, and let the wax drip over them.

Reflect drops of blood with the wax of a red candle

Traces of blood are perfect allies of the Halloween party. Arrange a few red and white candles. Light the red candle and drip its wax over all the white candles.

A witch sticker at the entrance of your house

What better than the image of a witch to scare your guests? Get a witch sticker decal with her magic staff. Stick it to your front door. However, this decoration makes sense at night.

Decoration of empty jars

As the Halloween party approaches, collect empty boxes of different sizes and shapes. Paint them white or black. Then decorate them or add spooky face stickers.

halloween bats

In the same Halloween atmosphere, invite bats to your home. Cut out several silhouettes of these little beasts on thin cardboard. Then hang them from fishing lines or your chandelier to make them look real and flying.

Turn empty boxes into light fixtures

The lighted version of decorated jars isn’t bad at all. Its realization is simple. Collect empty boxes that you had already decorated and add a lamp or a torch inside each of them. However, it is wiser to do this decoration at night while all your lights are off.

Portray a ghost in your living room or in the yard at night

An inflatable ball, a piece of white cloth, a few holes for the mouth and eyes, as well as for passing the fishing line. Cover the balloon with the fabric and hang it from the ceiling and your ghost is ready to move at the slightest draft.

Stick bat silhouettes on the wall

Bats abound in a haunted castle. To better illustrate these little birds, take sheets of black paper and cut out their silhouettes. Then scatter them on the wall with tacks or tape.

Cobwebs to decorate the house at the Halloween party

Use cobwebs to mystically decorate the entrance to your home. Cleverly decorate the front door with cobwebs to instill fear in visitors.

External decoration of the house with halloween garlands

In the Halloween party, the exterior decoration of the house is as important as the interior. Special Halloween garlands are available everywhere to decorate your dealership.

Decoration with orange balloons disguised as a pumpkin

If you don’t have time to dig pumpkins, you can buy orange balloons and dress them up as pumpkins with felt of your choice.

DIY paper garland with pumpkins and bats

You don’t necessarily need to buy the garlands from a supermarket. If you are good at DIY, it will be fine. Get by with papers to make Halloween garlands with paper pumpkins and bats.

Halloween decoration with inflatable balloons

The party cannot be beautiful without the balloons. Get balloons of different colors, and place them high up and around the house.

Paper halloween garland with cat head

These garlands are easy to make. First, draw on a paper a number of cat’s head. To finish the garland, you must then cut out the drawings of the cats and hang them on a string or with a ribbon.

Decoration of the front door with a witch sticker

Apart from the designs you can make, there are various witch stickers you can buy. Others are in the form of stickers. Place at the entrance of the house, on the door, a sticker of a witch holding a magic stick. This image might terrify your visitors especially at night.

Plush black crown decorated with a human skull

This crown is often put at the entrance of the door. It is made of plush and embodies fear because of the human skull added to it.

A beautiful stairway in Halloween colors

Line up your stairs with already hollowed out or disguised pumpkins. Even if we don’t find the terrorizing side, the pumpkins are present.

Exterior house decoration with tree branches and faux corbels

Halloween decoration also applies to the exterior of your home. Arrange outside or just at the entrance of the main door some black tree branches with some fake corbels. Also add pumpkins painted white. This decor evokes the house of the witch.

Halloween decoration of your garden

Arrange in a corner of your garden, pumpkins, straw brooms and witches’ shoes, very simple!

Decoration with cat’s head

The realization of this decoration is simple. Cut several cat heads out of thin cardboard or black paper. Then tie them together with a thread and hang them in the air in your living room.

The black twig crown

Form a black twig wreath that you install at the entrance of your house. You can add a few different colored pumpkins.

Halloween garlands

As the Halloween holiday approaches, special Halloween garlands go on sale in stores and supermarkets. Get them according to your taste and arrange them everywhere in your house.

There are thousands of ideas for Halloween decorations for the party, but with these above mentioned, your party will be beautiful. However, whatever one says, the pumpkin is the main element in the Halloween decoration.

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