15 concepts to brighten your terrace


If you have a terrace or a small balcony and you want ideas for furnishing it, this article is for you. With few means you can convert your terrace into a chic terrace. Terraces or balconies are the places we like to decorate because we all want to make it a little corner of paradise, but we know that decorative items can drive up the price very quickly. In this article you will be able to get inspired by ideas and decorate your terrace according to your desires.

1. A bohemian spirit

This style of decoration is clean and simple to achieve. Decoration items can be found everywhere in decoration stores, but you can also make your own decorations.

2. The decoration at the guinguette

This decoration is easy to make! The charm of the lights that we call guinguettes at home enhances your terrace and creates a warm place.

3. The pallet terrace

We no longer count the number of people who use pallets to create sofas, decorations for their terrace. This idea is always an idea appreciated by our readers since it is simple and economical! Combined with a few decorative objects, your terrace will take on the charm you want!

4. The convivial terrace

This terrace spirit is really convivial in summer and winter alike. Imagine yourself on a winter evening by the fire with a blanket and friends!

I advise you to get help from a professional to make this type of terrace.

5. A Zen garden

You can set up a water corner on your terrace or in your garden. This corner will immediately give a zen look to your terrace.

6. A cocooning garden room

This idea of ​​garden furniture is really great and gives a cocooning air thanks to its lights but also the fact that you can close the living room with the curtains! Curtains can have the advantage of keeping mosquitoes away on summer evenings.

7. The combination of black and wood for your terrace

8. The Hanging Egg Charm

The suspended egg is timeless! It brings a cocooning touch and allows you to rest in a very pleasant intoxication.

9. The charm of plants on a terrace

The charm of the plants on your terrace will allow you to dress it up and give it a Zen touch

10. An Oriental Spirit

11. A chic bohemian terrace

12. A covered terrace

13. A warm garden furniture

14. A zen wooden terrace

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