15 vegetation to place in your bed room to sleep properly


Want to green your bedroom a little with pretty green plants? Well, it’s a great idea, because in addition to bringing a little life to your sleeping area and beautifying it, indoor plants also have the ability to take care of your sleep. In addition to purifying the ambient air and therefore allowing you to spend the night in a healthier environment where you will be less prone to allergies, they can indeed also help you overcome your minor insomnia problems and regain a good night’s sleep. quality. To do this, you must nevertheless take care to choose them well, because not all plants have the same properties. Here are the best plants to put in your bedroom for better sleep.

In addition, use the plants to their full power by using anti-insomnia herbal teas as well as essential oils to combat sleep disorders. Enough to have a complete action plan to regain quality sleep thanks to nature!

The list of plants to put in your bedroom to sleep well

1) Lavender

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Lavender is the soothing plant par excellence. With its very sweet fragrance, it is the ideal plant to help you fall asleep.

2) Aloe vera

aloe vera
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This plant with a thousand virtues is known for the benefits of its gel. However, in itself it is excellent for refreshing and purifying indoor air. Aloe vera is therefore an excellent choice for decorating the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

3) Hairy chlorophytum

hairy chlorophytum spider plant
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Hairy chlorophytum (or spider plant) is a great enemy of household pollutants. Installing it in the bedroom ensures that you will breathe healthy air! This green plant is also ideal for a child’s room.

4) Ivy

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English ivy (especially climbing ivy) is known to reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract. We can therefore count on it to relieve minor respiratory problems (chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergies, etc.).

5) The pineapple plant

pineapple bromeliad
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Bromeliad plants produce a lot of oxygen. This specificity allows them to improve the breathing of the sleeper and to help him to suffer less from snoring. So it’s a perfect addition to an adult’s room!

6) Jasmine

jasmine flowers
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This anti-stress plant with soothing power for the body and the mind is not good only to end up in herbal tea! We can indeed take advantage of its soothing scent to promote the rest of sleepers.

7) Philodendron

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The philodendron helps to clean the air, but also to fight insomnia. It is therefore a precious ally in a bedroom to sink quickly into the arms of Morpheus!

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