15 Recipes to Cook dinner Leftovers and No Extra Waste.


Put the leftovers in the trash, you’ve had enough.

Dare to do it. Yes, it is possible, and it is as good as any other dish.

Here is a selection of simple and essential recipes to know when you want to accommodate leftovers!

1. Leftover rice in salads

Rice, casually, it’s not that cheap, in supermarkets. I refuse the idea of ​​throwing it away when I put too much in my pan.

So, I make salads!

Discover the recipe here.

2. Leftover rice au gratins

Finally, the last time, you made your leftover rice salad, and that means nothing to you tonight… In this case, opt for the « gratin » solution.

Discover the recipe here.

3. Leftover vegetable pies

Your darlings were reluctant to finish their vegetables? We all know that. But we are going to trick! We’re going to serve them again tomorrow noon as a… pie!

Discover the recipe here.

4. Leftover French Toast Bread

You have bread left, you are tired of throwing it away. Remember what your grandmother made of it… French toast, of course!

Discover the recipe here.

5. Leftover bread croutons

Turn your leftover bread into breadcrumbs or croutons that will become your favorite cooking aid!

Discover the recipe here.

6. Leftover shepherd’s pie in samosas

Hachis Parmentier, but also chicken curry, vegetables and other dishes, even sweet ones, can become samosas!

Discover the recipe here.

7. Leftover minced meat

Leftover steak on the youngest’s plate? A piece of duck that you can’t finish?

Above all, do not put them in the trash. Chop them up and reuse them.

Discover the recipe here.

8. Leftover meat on skewers

And why not serve your leftover meat on skewers?

Discover the recipe here.

9. Leftover meat into stuffed vegetables

Another solution, for meat, is to freeze all the pieces as you go. When you have enough for a dish, defrost and mix everything together to make stuffed vegetables.

Discover the recipe here.

10. Leftover Chicken Fajitas

Chicken is practical, because unlike beef, it can be cooked several times in the same way. It can be re-prepared in many ways. Why not in fajitas?

Discover the recipe here.

11. Leftover pasta in salads

Just like rice, I don’t know how to dose pasta. I always overdo it. I refuse to throw them away and, there too, I start making delicious salads.

Discover the recipe here.

12. Party meal leftovers as appetizers

Most of my holiday meal leftovers are frozen. But I keep some to redo mini-pizzas or other delicious appetizers.

Discover the recipe here.

13. Leftover red wine sauce

Wine is the same as food: don’t throw it away! So why not turn it into ice cubes so that it can be used to prepare delicious sauces?

Discover the recipe here.

14. Leftover fruit compotes

Do you see that your fruit will soon spoil and you don’t want to throw it away? Make it into compotes.

Discover the recipe here.

15. Leftover chocolate for delicious desserts

Easter, Christmas, birthdays… so many reasons to receive chocolate. And, finally, so many opportunities to throw some away, because we have too many.

Don’t throw away those chocolates! Make delicious desserts.

Discover the recipe here.

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