15 Wedding ceremony Congratulations Textual content Examples


Has one of your relatives recently married? You would like to send him your wishes, but you may not know what to write. You are invited to a wedding and you need to accompany your gift with a greeting card?

It is not always easy to find the words, because marriage remains a significant event in a life. Regardless of the couple to whom your congratulations will be addressed, your message will have to be sincere and unique. For this, we have gathered a seem of 15 examples of texts for wedding congratulations. You can inspire yourself and then add a bit of your personality. The main thing is that your wishes come from the heart. Use these wishes as a guide to brighten their big day and offer them words of wisdom as they embark on this new love-filled journey.

Types of wedding wishes

Hoping that you are not among those who are desperately looking for an idea to doodle fifteen minutes before the festivities, it is crucial to select your type of messages beforehand. To do this, take into account the type of relationship you have with the bride and groom. Is it a close friend, an old friend from high school, a co-worker or even your boss? Depending on the type of relationship between you, however, your greeting message will not require a personal touch on your part.

There is no way you can go wrong with a classic or formal note.

Classic wedding congratulations

For classic or formal wedding congratulations, here are some ideas:

Idea 1:

What a joy to witness the union of two marvelous beings. Our hearts are filled with joy at the thought of seeing you united for life. I send you all my congratulations on this sumptuous wedding. May the years to come be full of love and joy. Warmest congratulations.

Idea 2:

May your union be the beginning of a wonderful story filled with happiness and joy. I wish you each to be fully happy throughout your life together. May your love grow stronger every year. With best wishes for this day and forever.

Idea 3:

What greater honor than to attend the union of loved ones. I’m so happy for you. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this special day and to witness your love. Congratulations on this wonderful wedding. May love, joy and happiness roam this new chapter of your life. Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for your future plans as a couple.

Idea 4:

Today is the start of a next chapter in your life. Attending your wedding and seeing each other make promises to each other and move forward into the future is inspiring and wonderful. I hope that life still holds wonderful things for you as a couple.

Idea 5:

I wish you my best wedding wishes. Thank you for allowing all of us to witness the best day of your life. May your love light up and grow more every day as you grow in love. I wish that together you can experience joy beyond your imagination.

casual wedding congratulation

If there is a happy marriage on the horizon and you are close to one or more members of the couple, your message should be sweet, sentimental and appropriate. For a member of your family, your message can be warm or even funny.

Here are some ideas for wedding texts perfectly suited to this type of scenario.

Idea 6:

I hope you know that we, your friends and supporters, are looking forward to this day! We hope that your life, together, will be filled with joy and happiness. We congratulate you on this special occasion which we hope will leave you with many treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

Idea 7:

You are a wonderful person and a close friend. I am convinced that you will be a successful father / mother. I look forward to witnessing your happy future with a beautiful wife and children. I wish you good luck with your marriage!

Idea 8:

Congratulations to you both on the most memorable day of your life. You both married the perfect person. May your marriage be filled with happiness and prosperity!

Idea 9:

Love is always thriving and everlasting when shared by a loving couple like you. You are both one entity. May you find love and hope in your union. Congratulations on your alliance and this beautiful wedding!

Idea 10:

This day will forever be etched in your memory, and I am extremely happy to attend this wonderful occasion with you both! Enjoy the moments of your wedding as much as you can. Enjoy the joy of being united with each other in the presence of your loved ones. Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding!

Funny wedding congratulations

Go ahead and write a funny wedding text on a card if you’re sure it will make the happy couple laugh. However, avoid sarcastic jokes. Also eliminate wedding texts that could be considered insulting. Finally, ban divorce jokes!

Here are some funny message ideas for newlyweds:

Idea 10:

Thank you for inviting us to eat and drink on your wedding day. That was delicious ! A big mea-culpa to the head caterer, but also to you two dear newlyweds.

Idea 11:

Thanks for the free booze. Thanks to this, we were able to release our best dance moves in honor of the most beautiful couple of the year. Congratulations on a wonderful wedding.

Idea 12:

Congratulations on this wonderful wedding. I wasn’t sure « first name » would end up finding someone so awesome. Like what, we live in a strange and wonderful world at the same time!

Idea 13:

I have never been so happy as at the blues final in 2018. Thank you for this wonderful moment. I wish you all the best the future holds.

Idea 14:

On this most beautiful day of your life, you both decided to form one entity. Although my happiness for you is immense, a question torments me. Will you continue to give me two presents each for my birthday? Where should I now expect to receive just one? Anyway, I wish you an excellent life together!

Idea 15:

Congratulations on this precious moment. It’s a real blessing to find someone who is willing to support for the rest of their life.

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