16 meals which might be even increased in carbs than a plate of pasta


As part of many weight loss diets, carbohydrates are set up as enemies of weight loss. According to their precepts, to lose weight and find a flat stomach, we should simply banish them from our diet. In fact, carbohydrates are essential to allow our body to last all day with the necessary energy. Stopping carbohydrates completely is therefore not advisable. And in addition, they do not make you fat strictly speaking, but only when you consume too much of them, without moderation. However, unless you have a balanced diet, you often adopt eating habits rich in refined carbohydrates common in our current societies. Taken together, all these foods that are sources of carbohydrates therefore lead to excess consumption and weight gain.

Also, knowing the foods rich in carbohydrates can be a big advantage in monitoring your consumption and avoiding weight gain. And at the risk of surprising you, although often pointed out and decried, pasta is far from having the most carbohydrates. Here is the list of foods that top them on the post.

1) Potato fries

We suspect that they are fatty, but we generally imagine less that each serving also provides twice as many carbohydrates as a plate of pasta. Count 63 g per serving.

2) Quinoa

Rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and other micronutrients, quinoa is certainly very trendy, but does not contain fewer carbohydrates. Count no less than 39 g per cup.

3) Mangoes

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With 50g of carbohydrates per fruit compared to 31g per 100g of spaghetti, this vitamin-rich fruit is loaded with carbohydrates. Instead of depriving yourself of it, combine it with oatmeal for a more balanced snack!

4) Raisins

In a small box of raisins is also 34 g of carbohydrates. So beware of lovers of dried fruit who would be afraid of exploding the counters!

5) Bananas

This fruit rich in fiber, magnesium and potassium is excellent for health. However, let’s not hide the 35 g of carbohydrates per fruit!

6) Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes
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With 40g of carbs per cup, sweet potatoes are the perfect post-workout snack. They also have the advantage of being very satiating.

7) Apples and applesauce

Highly appreciated for its high fiber content, the apple is one of the key foods in slimming diets. Be careful though, because they contain 40 g of carbohydrates per fruit, a score that skyrockets in the case of applesauce stuffed with sugar.

8) Energy bars

It is because they are rich in carbohydrates (45 g per bar) that they provide us with the energy necessary to complete a sports session. So remember to choose healthier bars and/or consume them in moderation!

9) Bagels and muffins

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The bagel is generally low in fiber, but high in calories and carbohydrates (55g per medium sized loaf). Besides feeding our craving for carbs, it doesn’t stall us for very long. As for the morning muffins, they exceed the classic plate of sandwiches by far with 74 g of carbohydrates per piece assorted with fat and calories.

10) Dates

Sometimes used as a natural sweetener in recipes, dates contain 74 g of carbohydrates for a small serving of 100 g.

11) Low fat sweets

Don’t be fooled by this marketing argument! A low-fat candy remains high in sugar (about 50 g per serving). They are therefore not allies of your line and they are not much healthier alternatives to classic sweets…

12) Smoothies

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Not all smoothies are created equal! While some recipes are high in fiber and sought after, most commercially available such drinks are nothing more than low-fiber sugary drinks. In a small bottle of 450 ml, you will therefore find 55 g of carbohydrates on average. Nothing beats water and real whole fruit!

13) Wraps

The tortilla that wraps around isn’t much healthier than white bread. It is indeed quite caloric, its fat giving it its unparalleled flexibility. And with 36 g of carbohydrates per 100 g, we can say that opting for wholemeal bread rich in fiber is a much better option!

14) Pies

Whether sweet or savory, the pies are not only fatty, but also high in carbohydrates 43g per serving.

15) Pizza

flat vegetable pizza i want some
Credits: Pixabay/Hans

Carbohydrates are often associated with sweet specialties. However, savory dishes are not left out. Already high in calories and bad for cholesterol, pizza is one of the foods rich in carbohydrates with an intake of 36 g of carbohydrates per slice.

16) Adzuki beans

These red beans from Japan are certainly rich in protein and fiber, but they also contain a lot of carbohydrates (45 g of carbohydrates per 100 g of beans).

Like what, some foods are indeed richer in carbohydrates than pasta…

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