16 concepts for adorning a small toilet


Hello girls, I found you 16 pretty ideas to decorate and embellish a bathroom whether it is for a bathroom design during a development or to draw cool ideas that you can try in a bathroom already built as for example the pretty small glass wall shelves of the first photo which offer both practical storage for everyday objects that you may need when using the bathroom or for the choice of harmony colors and materials if you are considering a complete bathroom renovation, for example.

An interesting way to decorate a small bathroom

With small glass wall shelves that are both practical and designer, lights above the mirror and a towel rack integrated in the style of your small bathroom, this small bathroom design is at the same time designer, modern and relaxing. . This will increase your chances of feeling good when you need to use your favorite bathroom.

A black and wood bathroom decoration

For lovers of black and wood, here is a nice way to make your small bathroom decoration a success by using the colors black and wood as in the photo below. With a black wall and a wooden strip, as well as a white floor and ceiling this style of small bathroom might inspire more than one of us.

A small bathroom decoration with small tiles

Both aesthetic and practical, small tiles make your bathroom wall completely waterproof and pretty. If you are planning to do a beautiful small bathroom remodel you might want to take inspiration from this style of small bathroom idea designed with small tiles.

A small black and white bathroom decoration

A style that could interest many of us with beautiful black tiles mixed with small tiles in some places, all topped by a round mirror that goes perfectly with the round sink that is just below.

A small bathroom in blue and wood

What a cute way to design a nice style when it comes to decorating your bathroom by going for blue and wood colors like the idea above.

A small turquoise and white bathroom decor

A small light brown and white bathroom decor

Zen-style small bathroom decoration

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