16 Suggestions For Anybody Who Desires To Higher Perceive Their Canine.


So understanding dog body language is simply essential.

To help you, we have selected these 16 images of canine language, with their meaning.

AND of course, these trainer tricks work on all dogs.

So without further ado, here is 16 tips to better understand your dog’s language. Look :


1. The dog wags its tail near the ground

A dog wagging its tail near the ground is a sign of confusion or submission.

When a pooch holds his tail down, it usually indicates confusion or submission.

If he wags tail slowlythis is a sign of confusion.

He doesn’t understand what you expect of him.

That means he’s asking you to take charge, and that you tell him what to do!

If he stirs the tail quicklyit is a sign of submission.

It’s his way of communicating to you that you’re the boss.

2. Its tail is in the air and wags slightly

If a dog holds its tail high and straight, it is questioning your authority.

When a dog holds its tail erect, high and straight, it indicates dominance.

This position is often used in front of other dogs, to signal to them that he feels confident.

If your pooch wags his tail slightly in this position, he’s challenging your authority.

He tries to show you that he is in control and that he is the boss!

3. His tail is between his legs

A dog that holds its tail between its legs is frightened.

When a dog holds its tail between its legs, it indicates that there is something wrong.

Most often it just means that he is afraid.

Maybe he is apprehensive about pain or just not feeling comfortable.

In this case, he will also have his ears folded back and his body tense and curled up.

If your pooch has his tail between his legs, be very careful.

Indeed, a fearful dog can have unpredictable reactions, even be aggressive.

If yours is in this position often for no apparent reason, take it to the vet.


4. His eyes are wide open

A dog staring at you with wide eyes expects a reaction from you.

When a dog looks at you with wide eyes, he is trying toget your attention.

Yes, if he has such an intense gaze, it is because he is expecting a reaction from you.

5. He blinks and squints

A dog that blinks and squints wants to play with you.

Does your 4-legged friend blink and squint?

It means he really wanna play !

On the other hand, if you find that he blinks a lot, it may be a sign of pain or an eye problem.

In this case, take him to the vet.


6. His ears are erect and pointing forward

A dog that pricks up its ears is curious and ready to react.

Here, your pooch shows you that he is curious and focused.

This position also indicates that he is very alert and ready to react to a new environment.

7. His ears are folded back

A dog with folded ears is afraid or does not feel safe.

A dog tends to fold its ears when it is afraid or does not feel safe.

Sometimes the dogs only dropone earusually the left.

That’s how they react to people they don’t know or are afraid of.


8. He yawns with his mouth wide open.

Dogs that yawn are nervous or in a conflict situation.

Dogs often yawn when nervous or in a situation of conflict.

For example, puppies often do this when around big dogs they don’t know.

Did you just yawn and your 4-legged friend yawns right after you?

It is a sign of attachment: it means that he feels good in your presence.

9. He licks his nose

A dog licks his muzzle because he is stressed.

If your pooch licks his nose, it’s becauseIt is stress.

Often, this means that he has detected a danger and feels threatened.

10. He shows his teeth, but doesn’t growl

A dog showing its teeth indicates that it is protecting its territory.

There, it simply means that he protect their territory.

Dogs often do this at mealtime, when they are eating.


11. He rolls over and shows you his stomach.

If a dog shows you his belly, he trusts you.

Does your dog show you his belly? It’s a vulnerable part of his body.

It means thathe trusts you and that he likes to make you happy!

If you scratch his belly when he’s in this position, you show him that you’re pleased with him.

12. He lays his head on your knee

A dog lays its head on your knee trying to get your attention.

So, there, the sign is as big as a truck!

Your 4-legged friend does everything to get your attention.

Does he also touch your hand with his nose?

It means he would like you to give him a kiss.

13. He puts his paw on your knee

A dog that puts its paw on your knee tries to dominate you.

Has your pooch put his paw on your knee looking at you smugly?

Note, this means thathe tries to dominate you.

In this case, you have to show him that you are the boss.

Trainers recommend looking him straight in the eye and removing his paw.

14. He raises his front paw

A dog that raises its paw needs something.

When a dog puts himself in this position, it means that he has Need something.

Maybe he’s hungry or wants to play?

For hunting dogs, that means they’ve seen something potentially interesting.

15. He turns his back on you

A dog with its back turned trusts you.

No, your dog is not snubbing you!

He exposes a vulnerable part of his body to you.

If he sits with his back to you, that meanshe trusts you.

16. He shakes himself

A dog shaking its body tries to release tension.

Our 4-legged friends shake after sleeping and when they are wet.

The rest of the time they do it because they’re stressed, to release the tension.

Your turn…

Do you know any other easy tips for understanding dog language? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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